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[rant] Don't fail us, LJ :D

-> Fill me in with the details, yes <-

maradori came charging in the IRC a couple days ago with the warning.

Would I get banned from LJ for this icon? 8O... It's fiction, for crikes sake! Unlike the guys at Warriors of Innocence, I know the difference and don't support real-life pedos.

I like fondling my LJ communities, so I hope all of this clears up soon and I can regain my confidence in wanting to buy a permanent account next month. Or are they doing this on purpose because they got too many ideas from shows like Heroes, lawl. Wasn't the point that that logic DOESN'T work? =w=;;; Idiots, I wanted to buy a permanent account before this shit. Will I need to join in pressuring LJ directly? Now what. D: It'll take time to see...

In the meanwhile, I'm going to back up my LJ, but mostly because I'm curious to see how BIG it is. XDDDD (+ some communities)

fandom_counts has gained more members than the number of students at the University of Michigan WITHIN 24 HOURS, and increasing by the minute. joinjoin~
Don't leave yet, please. FANDOM POWER GOGO

I said a bit in the news post, wai. Two comments had already shown up below mine after the redirect. XD

*edit* May 31: Finally something. The comments in this one are interesting too. Wrath of the fandom doesn't rest easily (ex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ... omg there are so many interesting comments I can't list them all?!). ^^;~

思い知れー! ヽ(゜Д゜)ノ Apparently, Six Apart has a lot to learn still. *nodnod* Get cultured~ Wonder if anything extra neat will come out of it. *Nami beli eyes* */edit*

*edit* June 1: Interesting post of the day for the situation. For the most part, my confidence in buying a permanent account is back. I'll still be wary of LJ/Six Apart's shitslip-up, but as part of the people who build LJ, it's touching to see that we've been able to pull together this well for incidents like this.

digi_tomato, LIVE IT UP~~~ */edit*

*edit* June 4: I really hope Six Apart will learn the lesson for good and don't become money losers. I particularly have no intentions of moving to another __journal unless a huge majority of my f-list moves to a uniform one (one of my reasons for this is shamefully because the username splash is taken everywhere else, and I greatly appreciate having this username for being so early on LJ... :D), and even in such case, it'll be such a sucky move that it'll just hurt to blog in the new __journal or participate in the communities. Ugh, I'm reminded of when pRO died. Every server after that became all for self-indulgence, and eventually I lost all interest in ROing. NO, I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN AGAIN. If it were, I would end up putting more focus on my domain. That's not a bad thing too, but it's a really BIG FALL BACKWARDS for me when I intend to use this domain to make small leaps AHEAD.

So that's why I want to have full confidence in getting a perm account on LJ. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Six Apart. Even though I'm tiny among the 5000 comments on every recent entry in news, I hope the message I want them to understand gets through to them.

*edit* June 9:
Social networking poll
Poll for the fandom folks

Hmmm, I like the way roaring says things about wanting to stay on LJ.

Lots of talk about setting up whole new journey dealing specifically for fandom. I wouldn't mind that too much. I just want my Splash, and I can't get that at any of the other __journal places because they're taken by people who just hog the name and don't do anything with it. XDDDD But I really hope you guys don't have to go anywhere in the end. T_____T FAITO, FANDOM~~~ We're still quite alive.


Need some happiness now. And so a little memoir...
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