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[talk] Digimon Savers Aoi Sayo, One Piece Movie 6

Quick pardon for these shoutouts ^^:
♥♥♥ONKEI♥♥♥ TvT~~~~~ *latchintears*

nonbiriya, your interests list WINS........................ I had many happy heart attacks. *dead and twitching in special red sauce* Big Problem & Tonma yay ♥

[digimon savers]

As a follow-up of sailorcosmos_x's entry, I sucked up and got Animage's January issue just for these, even though they're tiny thumbs at an edge of a page close to the spine. orz

Tried it at my scanner's optimal resolution 1600dpi and resized it 25%. The scanners at this standard these days go over 4000dpi, waaa. Mine is probably 7 years old. But as long as this one I have continues to do its happy job, I'm still more than grateful for it. ^^;

...uwaasdf to the two lucky souls in Japan who got these New Year celebration prizes of one or the other original copy. TvT

I meant to put this up at the time of K-F's release, but things happen over the summer to make delays, hehe. =w=~

K-F's One Piece Movie 6 release topic.

Directed by Hosada Mamoru, who also did Digimon movies 1 & 2 and Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.

dythim likes to rat on the "bad" art at almost every chance he gets (=_=), but there is so much more to this movie than the need to spend a moment complaining about that.

I put up the two extra AMVs from the release on the webhost. These AMVs are amazing. Just utterly amazing. They should be seen sometime after you've seen the movies they're related to for the best impact, though.
One Piece AMV - Kaizoku no Bouken - Movie 4 (50mb)
One Piece AMV - Kaizoku no Bouken 2 - Movie 6 (97mb)

omake bits of interest from that Animage issue:
Nakajima's Princess Princess. Lol servicey
Minekura Kazuya
MAJOR (wai Goro/Toshi~)

Oh yeah, and I started uploading Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King D-kids Adventure raws for the MegaUpload list for those who were wanting them. I can't seem to finish getting the lower resolution file for the first ep, sorry for those who have comps that don't work well with it. ^^;;
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