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[talk] Digistaff homage, Circumstance Act II cover WIP

Digimon homage from the production staff itself is always great ♥

Waaa Digimon Savers series composer Yamaguchi Ryota's website (he requests people link to the top page only if linking his site)... I really enjoyed what he had to say about Savers.

I love it when staff members have their own web publishings. Feels nicer than reading interviews filtered through the press/media to get to know them, although interviews are interesting too. But these sites are just cooler.~ Plus, I really just get the happy butterflies seeing staff expressing their feelings of the work outside of the work itself. I love reading this kind of stuff about works I like. I could read this kind of stuff for so long. :D マジで感動的

●Some of his previous ideas for Yoshino and Tohma *dead xD* Kansai-ben nunchuck-wielding gangster Yoshino, and having defeated New York's mafia all by himself, loner Tohma from America (Did the gist of this get recycled for Kouki? lol).
●Masaru was supposed to be afraid of heights? XDDD Yeah, that definitely didn't work out. Cute cute.
●Of all of Tohma's features, Yamaguchi specifically highlights his moneys. hahaha fun XD
●Wee symmetric Daimon names.
●Waaa the plans for Gaomon character development... Would've been nice to see those in action. And yes, he did become absolutely cute whether intended or not. :)

It's because of this kind of thing that I find Tamers to be a lot of fun too. Series composer Konaka Chiaki's site is nice, extensive and in both Japanese/English. Super fun. XD


Waii I had trouble getting motivated/ideas to do a cover for Act II of An Act of Circumstance, but I think I might have something now.

Actually, they'll be represented on separate planes later (Masaru doesn't have the wind, what could that mean?! ...No significance ^^; Really, it just happened to end up like that.)~ Just needed to make sure they were on the same level for now........

Really, are Masaru and Tohma the same height or not?! It'd make sense if they were in order to emphasize their similarities/differences... It'd just be nice to have a dead-on confirmation. I like being able to keep track of things like that.

Waaaaa it'll be pretty angsty?!??!! I hope that's okay... :D
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