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[talk] Quick Digi/Poké-tidbits + Toronto maybe?

[digimon savers]
Arerere when did Believer get so high up on my overall top tracks list. Last I knew, Hachimitsu, CHANCE! and GOUing!Going!My Soul!! were all tied for number 1 and Believer was somewhere in the middle. xD

F... $500+... Must've been the chibi Tohma. or Kouki. Or morning Masaru hair. Or baby Ikuto. Or Yoshino/Beach-ballLalamon. Or the butler. Or Satsuma. Or Megumi. Or asdhfkjdhfkjdshfkjdhfjksdhf *craves publishing*~ T_T

btw, here's the full size version of the S&M tomato icon. When I was picking two colors to randomly make a border, I didn't realize until long after that they were similar to their haircolors, just some shades down. waiwai~

*SceptileArgh* I had 65 wins in a row at the Battle Tower singles when I lost to some horrible luck with the opponent's freaking Swagger. Have to start all the way from 0 to try again for those 100 in a row, orz. They don't even get relatively challenging/interesting until after the first 20 or so battles (Tower Tycoon and up? haha). And I usually lose to bad luck with the opponents' cheap moves like 1-hit KO moves, multiple sleep/freeze effects, and other junk that's looked down upon in official tournaments. The real challenge of the Battle Tower is overcoming the AI's cheapness! \o/

At least for the Japanese Diamond version. Wonder if there are any differences with the opponent pokes in the US version?

The double battles are great challenges too :D

[emo/real life]
Nothing like a nice nasty cold virus from the mom to put me back several days from my schedule. Mom caught it on some buddhist weekend camp in Chicago where she slept outdoors in light spring clothes. Aie. It's Chicago, moms. It's bad enough to keep me on the bed all day EV-training my guys on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and being able to get up only for house chores/cooking. Will be better soon hopefully ^^;

Dad's still continuing his midlife crisis depression or something and wants me to plan something for the three of us over Memorial Day weekend, and that "staying home is not an option." And I don't see him stop ratting on me about it (he can't find any other way to socialize with me besides ratting on me or giving me gadgets to learn about, apparently) until I tell him something to plague his brain instead of mine, so I go "Okay, let's go to Toronto if you're so insistent about it then .___." It's a 7-hour drive from our home; we have relatives to bum with there and they let us go around the city freely... so looks like that's a high possibility on the plate now. Despite gas prices going up in the wazoo, this is my dad for ya. Fortunately, I love Toronto for its food and browsing Pacific Mall, so if we can do this, not bad for me at all. But still, the gas prices. hmm... =o=;~

*edit* Fast recall on the Toronto trip because my mom has exams for her business management course. w00t student powar */edit*

If only he found enough enjoyment in staring at Lina grooming and repositioning herself on the bed as I do ._o; Well, a trip like this might get him to stop ratting on me for a while, although those hundreds of dollars in GAS could go to something much more useful...!! geh doushiyou. Adding on to those hundreds of DVDs of mediocre Hollywood flicks he watches once (if at all) and all the computer gadgets he hardly uses... Really wish he would get some less expensive interests in his life, or at least make them worth the effort/money. Despite his high wage, he doesn't prove to be a kind of person I aspire to. ._.; Is okay. It's dad.

*anti-emos with Gintama 56 :D*

Thank you loquat syrup~
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