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[talk] More Savers DVD =w=; Tomato Inspirations

I only check some seiyuu blogs every few weeks or so when I have the time, but waa, Nojima Hirofumi's entries are so heart-warming. His are no doubt my favorite so far. Great guy. 感動しました。( ̄▽ ̄)

[digimon savers]
Digimon Savers 22 DVD.

Few more screens over yonder.

kono moe style... ahh, can't get enough of it >w< ~
あれ? The sound quality is better in the rip I did of Savers DVD 8 than it was for 5. The general quality is pretty darn nice as usual. Hmm, maybe DVD 5 itself had something whack with it or AutoGK did something awry when it was encoding the audio. Well, I haven't tried the other DVDs yet since they take a full night to encode and would really work out my poor laptop too much to keep it on all the time. o_o; Unlike a lot of people I know, I turn my computer off when it's not doing anything significant. Be a little green when I can, yaw~ Slow but steady progress here.
I shall want to better organize my screenshots on LJ for Savers sometime... ^^;

I bawled my head off (please excuse the pun, onkei_kun ^^) re-reading Asakura-sama's "In the Future" now that I've seen the Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo movie that was inferred in it. So good, so uplifting...!

An Act of Circumstance, Act II Doujin progress - 14 pages. Mission's starting to heat up.

As I told nekosalosa, I've been wanting to draw him... :')

The communication devices come in later because I didn't want them to distract me in certain scenes here
Text is also going to get changed XD

I love the open possibilities with this series. You could take out Kurata and things could be so different but still be Savers in a sense (like this doujin ^^;). Or you could keep him and things would go another way (Daily-D...!). Or you could take the ending/epilogue and go from there (...!!!!). Or you could... ahhh my brain exploding in Tomato and Savers happiness. Bring it on!

I will probably forget some of the things I envisioned for this if I stop to add in shades in Photoshop despite trying to write down everything that comes to my head as soon as I get a chance, so I'm just going to keep it all to pencil for now.

I make occasional private entries for myself lately, usually schedule reminders and other random things that I hustle people on IRC with. One of the weirder ones consists of

My mouth waters like heck at the thought of eating just about anything in the even-toed ungulates, including camels. Why?!?!?!

Am I really that carnivorous?!?!?

Or maybe those "Chinese hamburgers" are just stuck in my brain because that mass of pig fat in the steamed white bun was freaking yummy.

... D: *drools again reading it* ahhhh, must think of lighter things. *drinks some orange juice*

Slow progress on Visual Basic. Grateful that I have all summer to do it. I keep getting distracted by cute things to do for the webhost like this.

Oh yeah, and another little commission >w< ~ Thank you, Bunny~
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