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[talk] Some Savers DVD, Some Animedia scans

Decorating the beginning of entries with Savers goodness sounds good, yes it does. ♥
Act I of Tohma x Masaru doujinshi out @ digi_tomato. 97 pages and going for another, woooo!

I tried AutoGK on Digimon Savers DVD eps 12-14, but the rips aren't as good as FET's. Image quality is fine except with some more artifacts during scenes with a lot of movement. My biggest issue with it is that the sound quality ended up really muffled, but since AutoGK does the normalizing and whatnot of the audio automatically during the encode process, I don't really know how to fix it. ^^; So for now, I'll just give a little whine-- Toei and their struggle DVDs. XD


Some scans.~ Yeah, there was a lot of the other... stuff like Geass ("Rebellion Book" ...), Corda men starting some baking, and lots of other moe girls (I'm starting to feel that too much of Megami's stuff is leaking into Animedia these days. It's always been there, but hmm.), but somehow I ended up only taking interest in scanning stuff I'm subbing/did subbing work for. D: Why?
Remove the / at the end of the links to get the full size.

Animedia March 2007
Ookiku Furikabutte
Koutetsu Sangokushi w...what the fruits. XD

Animedia April 2007
Ookiku Furikabutte
Koutetsu Sangokushi Come get Ikemen

Animedia May 2007
Ookiku Furikabutte
Ookiku Furikabutte Op/Ed Lyrics (If petshopmistress had gotten this issue in Taiwan like I had asked her to, Saizen/Entropy could have used it before their ep 1 release +w+ That Engrish... Oh well. At least they have it for widescreen version now.)
Ookiku Furikabutte Op music sheet
Koutetsu Sangokushi
Koutetsu Sangokushi Op/Ed Lyrics
Koutetsu Sangokushi Op music sheet
Shining Tears X Wind - Their emo is like GSD's and whatnot (Hoshi, Ishida and their harems sure don't help relieve those vibes I get), but the OUTFITS~~~ THE RPGNESS~~~ SILVER-HAIRED HETERO MASARU~~~ SHINING TEAHHHHHHS orz. I'll have what fun I can with it. Balmunk, Excellion, TURN UNDEAD! ohhh.

Promo for Shining Wind... but I've no PS2, yaroume~~~

Ep 5:「それなら、騙された方がまだマシかも」
「馬鹿はいいぞ」ってHOSHI OI, saying that again?...... *laugh*
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