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[talk] Digimon Savers the Movie DVD

Cover scans here.
I spam with screenies for now because I don't know how to make proper DVD rips. >:E
Yes you want?

Waaaaaa, I so wish it'd been longer than 20 minutes.

yayyyy a few frames of the other two. D:
Uwa. What a different aura. I was expecting it, but wow... it's really something that takes me in unexpectedly, no matter how much I'd been anticipating it.
I love how the movies feel like animated fanfics +w+ I felt that this one really pulled away the TV storyline more than the movies from the other series ever did... since they did all sorts of crazy to all of humankind's existence. Waa the buildings~ It was cool... perhaps just my inner child speaking.~

Savers... All about the evolution. Taking the evolution right down to that core in the heart. The Digimon did a fine job taking the roles their partners would normally take. Gaomon steering rofl. Carnivorous Lalamon? xD~ Agumon got himself a girlfriend. Although towards the end, Masaru's manly-ramble when he came back took me away again, ahaha. I love you, Digimon. :')
If it was an actual full-length movie without the rush and madness squished into 20 minutes, it'd be worth recommending, but the way it is now, it's just for the fans. XD~

Or go with the compressed screenshot of the DVD-rip I just took... :O~~ Rofl, it de-interlaces better than my comp's DVD-player.

Creditless Hirari... shikamo v2 with the funky pretty effects~~ I wish my computer's DVD playing capability were better (de-interlacing issues) so these screens would look nicer, but it's still hot. XD

And Ryuusei... Tohma's smile stands out more without the credits for some reason. It's nice. :)
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