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[talk] Digimon fandom, social relationships?

This page... Even though the information on it is really coarse (for a fandom as crazy big and varying as Digimon~) and could use a LOT more, it's cute nonetheless... came across it randomly on google, but I forgot what I was searching: http://www.fanhistory.com/index.php?title=Digimon

C... Craving tomato fics. Tohma, Masaru, do it~~~~~

Should probably spam the DATS.us fanfiction archive all over the fandom because I just heart being able to browse Digimon fics by series +w+ ... except it's so time consuming to spam, doushiyou.
nonbiriya 来ましたなんかお楽しみ XDDDD~~~

Pardon the influx of LJ entries~

Today was kind of a weird day in that one of the K-F staff guys and one of the Kyuu staff guys suddenly took an interest to chat with me around the same time (and I know they don't have contact with each other). One of them invited me to his private channel (the kind with the private leech bots and other connection potentials~), while the other...
< > splash where do you live
< Splash> Michigan
< Splash> why? XD
< > i want to move to your town so we can be friends and you can draw anime caricatures of me ._.
< Splash> aw
< Splash> ...hey how do you know I'm doing that
* Splash really is right now o_o;
< Splash> is a commission
< > cause, you draw your own stuff
< > and therefore, you draw people around you
< > :D
< Splash> lol
< Splash> only if commissioned
< > but i don't want to pay you to do it
< > i want you to do it from the heart :O
< Splash> otherwise I draw what I want XD
< Splash> ohh lol
< Splash> interesting
< Splash> go to u of m and be my friend~
< Splash> all of mine graduated this year and I'll be lonely next fall..
< > let's check out da
< Splash> or are studying abroad
< > website
< Splash> http://www.umich.edu
< Splash> XDDD
< > looks like they don't have grad studies i'm interested in ;\
< Splash> what are you looking for?
< > engineering
< > distributed sensor systems
< Splash> wow
< > ^^;;
< > one of my profs mentioned today thoug
< > that i should find something with more of a creative component
< > that might be what i'm missing
< Splash> lol
< > but it's hard to combine
< > creative + engineers
< > i mean usuallly it becomes
< > videogames! :D
< Splash> that's like asking you to be an inventor
< Splash> or that haha
< > well, i want to be a reverse-engineer
< Splash> that's fine :3
< Splash> I think it's better to go with the focus you like~
< > yeah
< > i don't really know what i like
< > it's sad :(

I did mention to some other people that I was thinking about reaching out to the guys on campus (who tend to be gamers, yes?) since it's a lot harder to find fangirls, but when I think about it, it feels more mutual than one-sided on my part. I actually find it really hard to take the presence of girls who don't have this kind of aura... XD It gets to me somehow... I can get personal with just about any guy even if we don't share many interests, but I can't do that with girls for some reason. I'm certain it has NOTHING to do with sexual attraction because I'm not interested in that when I'm trying to have personal conversations, it's just how things end up. It's just... I've never happened to have really personal conversations with a girl unless we shared many interests, but guys will go off and ask me all sorts of deep questions that lead into really nice conversations to me. I don't think they're trying to hit on me (...maybe some of them are, who knows) because gay guys will go right off and ask those questions to me too. And that's honestly how I open up to people. XD I love being interrogated without heavy pressure~~~ Casual casual. Truth or dare game, I always want to pick truth when it's my turn, haha. What, when was the last time I even played truth or dare...

Thinking back, going clothes shopping with people who weren't like Leanne and bum would've been deathly brain-rotting to me. Although now I'll probably refuse to go clothes shopping for like... a few years because of moneyzzzz and lack of necessity~ Some kind of standard I have... ^^;;;;

I'm glad to see Katie and Becky back online :) Missed you guys~

It's going to be a jam-packed summer +w+ Have an art commission to finish, then the tomato doujin to be released somewhere within the mix of fansubs/scans XDDD Watch out for digi_tomato ♥♥♥

This ALI PROJECT song is to the tune of Schubert's 4 Impromptus D899 - No.3 in G-flat minor. Nice. |3 Man, I learned No.2 and No.4 (my hands are particularly good for the technique they require? I love playing them too), but apparently, No.3 isn't very popular with my piano teacher, and I don't remember any of her students learning it.

I was dancing in my seat to TEAM? on repeat last night (... ahah) and Lina, who was sleeping on my bed, perked her head up to look at me. I thought she was getting freaked out by my dancing, but then she wandered over and tried to settle on my lap despite me roughing her up for hogging my space. She's really M too. D:
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