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[talk] Ba wan, Spring 2007 anime blab

The parents made ~100 ba wan today with a relative and had a jolly good time in the fair weather today. The relative made and brought some DARN good food-- I want to take a picture of it next time. I just ended up unpacking my stuff more than helping them out in the end, but they were okay with that. ^^; Good, good.

They make the steamed kind. Actually, this part of the batch has been sitting out for like 5 hours, so they've dried out quite a bit. XD Just steam them up again and they're good to go.

Okay, finally did a Spring 2007 anime blab... Get it off my brain~
Uh, I started with a lot of things, but I need to cut more before I realize I should've done it earlier. XD
ぼくらの - Mm nice cast. Hoshi playing a Masaru (yes, his name is Masaru) with a SERIOUSLY problematic personality. ^^;;;;;;; Characters/plot semi-interest me, even if the mech stuff is so typical. It'll be interesting to see what happens to the characters along the way.
英國戀物語エマ 第二幕 (Victorian Romance Emma The 2nd Act) - I marathoned the first season a couple summers ago when I was in the mood for romance.
Heroic Age - I can't think of what to say for this one right now.
鋼鉄三国志 (Koutetsu Sangokushi) - If I weren't fansubbing this one, I might've dropped it.But I am enjoying working with it in the meanwhile. Miyano, Saiga, etc help that. XD I really like the op/ed songs too.
ラブ★コン (Lovely Complex) - Kansai-ben!Nami and Tegomass waiii. XD
おおきく振りかぶって (Ookiku Furikabutte) - The opening is catchy upbeat like a FLOW song ♥ The ending is bland like a Rie Fu song (I do like some of her songs really). I wish I could marathon this animation because I'm 100% sure I'd be able to fall in love with it that way, but I'll put up with working with petshopmistress in fansubbing it since it's good. It gives me the really happy nostalgia about team development that could really suck me in, but it's harder for me to do that with weekly breaks. I could read the manga, but it's really just not the same kind of experience that gets to me.
Romeo×Juliet - Although the opening song really does the trick, just don't take it as real homage to Shakespeare and it's pure goodness... XDDDD That's GONZO style for you, after all. It's its own thing.
精霊の守り人 (Seirei no Moribito) - I.G.Production goodness, although the story isn't anything unique so far. And Noji-nii...! Except it's another long-haired guy...
Shining Tears x Wind - The red outfit and your muscles do not help with the Masaru thing, Hoshi...!!!!!!! Why are you doing this to me~~ orz
Some IRC:
< Splash> It's so typical RPG 8D~~
< Serg> This really is like an RPG
< Serg> Its only bee 9 min.
< Splash> hahahaa
< Serg> *been 9 min
< Splash> "z0rgs beast men?!?!?!?!?!
< Splash> "z0rgs catgirl?!?!!?!?!
< Serg> XD
< Serg> Haha
< Serg> "oraoraoraoraora"
< Splash> XDDd
< Serg> woah
< Serg> XD
< Serg> "omg you're totally ignoring the humans and chewing the wood!"
< Splash> !! xDDD
< Splash> Level 1 stage enter

Over Drive - Cycling. :) I want to drop this because of this slow beginning, but I can tell it's going to get better later. Mmrgh. XD
桃華月憚 (Touka Gettan) - I have a weakness against STUDIO DEEN's pretty colors. Ep 3... With his mom...!!!! SO BAD... I have to admit that I saw the H this is based off of. ...And this series makes .5% sense. Maybe some others have heard about how CONFUSING this series is. I'm still suspecting that it's on purpose and they're really just saying BS half of the time. It's definitely one of those series where you SERIOUSLY have to wonder what kind of drugs the producers were on.

Darker than BLACK -黒の契約者- - Was looking forward to this since it's BONES. Someone can tell me if this goes somewhere at the end and I might reconsider. ^^;
El Cazador - The final of BEETRAIN's girls-with-guns trio motif. I couldn't manage to keep Noir or Madlax either. XD Still like the music though.
風のスティグマ (Kaze no Stigma) - Tsundere sword-wielding fire-red-hair girl and everyone goes SHANA, but I was pretty surprised that I liked the first episode more than I expected story-wise. But I wasn't expecting much in the first place, so... XD And nothing else is keeping me with this one. I'll wait for the second season of Shana instead. :D
セイント・ビースト ~光陰叙事詩天使譚~ (Saint Beast: Kouin Jojishi Tenshi Tan) - It's the usual Saint Beast, maybe with some improved animation. But... Someone make sure I keep this dropped...!!!!!!!!! Even if it's for the seiyuu, I can't do this...!!! Please... XD
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