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[talk] Pic spam, Fansubbing Spring 2007

Ahahah, Digimon Story Sunburst & Moonlight (and a pouch for each~) finally came after the package getting stuck in customs for longer than it needed to be.

I had been hoping they would've come in time for the final rehearsal week in the Javanese puppetry performance so I wouldn't have to keep dealing with the battle tower in Pokemon Diamond, but that didn't happen. Oh well. More battle points. XD

Yay for free Gintama capsule toy from YesAsia~ I'm really glad I got Gintoki out of the random selection :D

Seiyuu reference: "Hijikata" x Gintoki?! *shot*

Gintoki's head is really bishie-looking in this figure especially because the perm isn't so obvious, like a white-haired Ichigo. xD His bokutou sword is still curling from being in the packaging, but I'll mess with that later.

Digimon Savers Best Album with character songs... the 18th is reaching ever closer~ Gaomon's song is going to be... ahhahaa. This is going to be interesting.

Hahaha, I'm bringing in the Code Geass accessory to Friday's research presentation for Japanese class along with the ad with the QR Code. My partner and I are presenting on Japan's cell phone culture. The Geass strap came with the magazine... otherwise, I wouldn't have bought it by itself x_X I'll want to sell it later.

Spring 2007...
●Koutetsu Sangokushi w/ Kyuuketsuki (quality checking)
●Shining Tears x Wind w/ Kyuuketsuki (quality checking)

●Busou Renkin DVD w/ Kyuuketsuki (quality checking)
●Digimon Adventure w/ ryuu_rogue (editing, quality checking, distro leading)
●Digimon Savers DVD w/ DATS (final editing)
●Legendz w/ ryuu_rogue (editing, quality checking, distro leading)
●Okane ga Nai OVA w/ aarinfantasy (editing)
●One Piece w/ Kaizoku-Fansubs (quality checking, distro)
●Patalliro Saiyuki w/ ryuu_rogue and aarinfantasy (editing, quality checking, distro leading)
●Winter Cicada OVA w/ aarinfantasy (editing)

I had to turn down an offer to edit Seirei no Moribito today. :X I'm semi-interested in the series and it's on my keep list so far, but I just don't have enough motivation to go for it, especially since I already accepted so many other projects.

I want to do a nice share post when K-F releases One Piece movie 6, hopefully within the next month. :)
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