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[talk] 4 year ani, 大門大

A thank you of sorts to furoraken:
♥We food~
♥Let's geek squad~
♥You put up with my fangirl. D: Yes, I do need a lot of time to myself for that.
♥Gaming buddy~ Although Capture the Flag and Guild Wars and such were great, I still find it kind of awing that our last expedition on pRO before its abrupt closing was randomly pwning the MVP/mini-boss land of Bib 5. Well, more like you being awesome and tanking stuff for me :DDDDD
I was really attached to that place because it was really one of the most amusing tests of RO skills that involved all sorts of gameplay dynamics (especially when playing multiple characters at once~). People herding MVPs, party lynching, avoiding troublesome guys like Dark Lord and Gryphon (rofl), everything in between and all that good stuff.
Damn, pRO was so good. D:

Happy 4th to us, Serg. :) Sadness I've been so busy on the actual day to hang out with you for it... but we're still here, and that's what counts. *hug*


ladymercurious5 and I watched The Sound of Music some days ago for the nostalgia... XD It's been a long time since I've seen it. I used to watch our 2-tape VHS set of it quite often during elementary/middle school... amongst a bunch of other stuff I'd rewatch often... *swt* It's one of my mom's favorites still, I think (along the same lines as The King and I, probably... hey, two stories with parallels, same song writers XD).

And yes, I did start getting many tomato parallel thoughts and yes I was drawing my doujinshi during it and yes..........

♪ How do you solve a problem like Maria? ♪
ladymercurious5 replies: You marry her off, that's the message they're giving. XD

I always found it funny that they were singing that during the wedding...

♪ How do you solve a problem like Masaru? ♪
He may not be a nun, but まだ大問題ですから
Marry him off... to the wealthy Austrian... 8D

The happy thoughts kept multiplying after that.
*is shot a million times over, left bloody on the floor*

♪ Blossom of snow, may you bloom and grow,
bloom and grow forever.~ ♪

Just a few more days, then all I'll have left in the semester are exams. LAST SPURT DASH!!
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