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[talk] Death Note TV 25

L: 「生まれてから一度でも本当のことを言ったことがあるんですか。」
(Has there even been one time ever since you were born when you've told the truth?)

Actually, I would likely worship Light if he were my god. XDDDD That is my truth.

I know they changed some things from the manga in this episode subtly. Pretty interesting changes. I'm glad they gave this series such fun animation.
I certainly don't remember L tending to Light's foot,
L telling Light how good he is at massages,
Light making uke grunts at the contact,
(Miyano XD~ *cracks up*)
Light wiping L's face,
and Light throwing raunchy BL-esque faces at L
in the manga.

I don't have any personal interest in shipping for this series (Especially when the ending is all about DEATH, it rather kills my mood to ship. XD I feel almost the same for anything whether it's Light/Misa, Light/L, etc. I like to concentrate my shippy fangirl very densely in certain areas, surprise surprise 8D), but I can definitely see something reallllly hot come out of those scenes.~

Hai, maybe I'll put some new season anime impressions up eventually, but more likely I will disappear in playing Digimon Story Moonlight & Sunburst during puppetry rehearsals and continue doujinshi-drawing during my reduced free time. Sad that the games haven't even arrived in my box yet and people have beaten the game's storyline already. Well, there's always that kind of people. .___.; I want to take pictures of any DATS moe I come across in Story >w< ~
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