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[talk] End of winter 2007 season anime, some school stuff

I might seem really cynical and morbid in my writings sometimes, but don't worry. That's just how I like to write. XD But if you also know how I am, I can be brighter than the laser pointer light my cats love to chase. (huh)

End of winter 2007 anime impressions~
幕末機関説いろはなにへと(Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto) - ♥♥ - Hmm even if the plot was well-detailed with historic background, it really wasn't that interesting to me... Everyone seems so half-existent ^^;; I went around cleaning my room most of the time while this was playing. Some nice action scenes, yay Sunrise~ Akizuki and Kanna-tachi make nice eye/ear candy and that's it. xDDD
武装錬金 (Busou Renkin) - ♥♥♥♥ - I was kind of so-so for it at the beginning, but then something clicked, and all of a sudden I was REALLY enjoying it o_o;~ The animation, shounen goodness, and casting is CHOU nice! Shounen JunJun! ♥
金色のコルダ ~Primo Passo~ (La Corda D'Oro ~Primo Passo~) - ♥♥♥ - Pretty boys, seiyuu and classical music love. Otherwise um... no it doesn't really have much of an impression on me since it's fully intentional fanservice. XD But it's nice to have these light shows occasionally.
Code Geass - First season. I've decided not to give it a rating. JunJun and the rest of the cast rules. Kyaaa JunJun~~~~ The music's nice. It tells some good things that politicians these days could use a good WHACK IN THE FACE with. As in strap them to chairs and make 'em watch it until they understand it or get brainwashed enough by it to learn something useful. Other than that, it just doesn't win hearts from me since its true target will never understand its lessons, which is just flat out depressing. なんか分かりやす過ぎ
デジモンセイバーズ (Digimon Savers) - ♥♥♥♥♥ - If only real life was this good to us. Too bad there are too many people out there who don't seem to want happiness... But it's not like that in Digimon. And that is precisely why Digimon wins me. 私達...分かり合えるね. ほー
Ghost Hunt - ♥♥♥♥ - Woo the dark horse of moefied horror. It's not scary at all, but it's surprisingly fun to watch. The characters were neat. And it deserves more. Naru. *thumbs up*
Kanon - I never finished it, and I only enjoyed parts of it for AIR vibes, but blackspiderman certainly enjoys it, so I'll at least mention it. XDDD
MÄR - ♥♥♥ - After a long 102 eps... waaa. I kept some parts. The ending arcs were all huge extensions of the manga versions, also with tons more fanservice. XD I skimmed quite a bit during some arcs though.
少年陰陽師 (Shounen Onmyouji) - ♥♥ Need to go from ep 10 to the end... XD I'll probably marathon this after the semester. I tried to marathon it, but lost so much interest at the end of each ep, I skimmed through 14 to the end in a couple hours and then deleted it. Nothingggggggg happened except more seimei no mago and mokkun fanservice. The rest is cute seiyuu funk, but really, nothingggggggg happened. =.=
ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥ (Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge) - ♥♥♥ - It was really funny, though sometimes the stereotyping was a little too much for me. And um... Extra heart for NOJI-NII~~~

Oh, Gintama's not ending this season, but I want to mention it here because BANZAI FOR GINTAMA... The ep 49 Akagi parody killed me happily.

Declared my linguistics minor today. I'll have finished the 15 credits for it by the end of Fall 2007 semester if things go well. I just need to learn a programming language like C++ over the summer so I can take Professor Duanmu's 313. I had Professor Duanmu sign the papers for me and give me some advice. He's teaching the linguistics class I'm in right now, and I really want to try his class next semester, which requires the programming skills. It's kind of scary, thinking about what I'll have to be doing with that programming language in the class, but if it's for a guy like him, it makes me more willing to challenge it. He's so funny and great in his subtle, quiet ways. He's like my dad except not paranoid... which makes a huge difference. (As I commented to ladymercurious5: He's a linguistics professor. He's funny. He's Chinese. You know, because being a Chinese linguist and being funny go hand in hand. huh?)

On an even lighter note, it's really nice getting 3 LSA credits for reading about 10 lines in the whole Javanese Puppetry Performance. See, the more people to sign up for the class, the less work people have to do! The girl who usually does her homework in front of me during practice literally just has to hold a tree puppet in one of the beginning scenes and that's it. So sad that this class won't be offered next year... xD But that's okay since I should be able to graduate doing the minimum amount of credits for both semesters during my senior year. I'll still be busy as heck for those semesters though. I'm never bored unless I'm forced to be (aka when my parents lecture me, especially while I'm trying to do homework). :)

My random bit of gratitude for the day:
LOL I even do my homework on my Digimon Savers TV Picture Book and today I just realized that it's the same size as a pencil board. except... since it's got insanely thick pages befitting of a typical children's book... it's nice and NOT BENDY like pencil boards so I can actually do stuff properly on it, especially when I'm on the go. And then I can just pop it open and get instant moe dats and savers and masarumoeee and tohma going "MASARU!" wasdfhkjdh... Even if the art's not great, I think back on it now and it was a darn good deal for 400 yen (4 dollars). Think about it, since the average pencil board price in the US is that much anyway, but this one's CONVENTIONALLY USEABLE and it's SAVERS... XD Ah Savers~
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