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*edit 3/27* Ugh, the worst time for me for so many important birthdays to come... the projects, presentations and papers are stacking in...!!!! I'll do what I can, but the research I have to do for these things will bog me down quite a bit (on the plus side, I get to buy lube and female condoms and let people in the class play with them? o_O Why do I pick these kinds of things to do for research.). Don't be surprised if I'm less talkative in certain parts of the intranets for the next couple weeks :'( */edit*

*twiddles thumbs*
LOL, I just realized I didn't put Ikuto's face marks on that wallpaper set.

............... *BAWLS XDDDD* I swear it was in my mind to put on the marks... the whole time when I was on Ikuto, and somewhere along that process, it just slipped away and I never remembered again until now. I shall go fix it the next time I get a chance. ToT Resaving/re-uploading everything will take like 10x longer than the actual fix, hahahahahaa. And then I'll have to redo my sig image for forums too. ahahahaha... go me.

I was wondering why he looked so different... Well, at least... I'm really glad that he looks okay without them too, yes? *runs in shame*

*edit* D-Did it... @w@ Go ahead and keep the old version/s if you still have it/them. A memoir. XD~ */edit*

Once other series end, I'll have another post for final impressions. Still waiting for the end of Busou Renkin, Code Geass and Ghost Hunt. When do Bakumatsu, Shounen Onmyouji and Yamanade end?

If some of you are still wondering what happened to most of my direct downloads, try orz instead. ^^

Digimon Story Sunburst & Moonlight coming out soon at last. Hope the Savers crew have some good moments in it >w< ~ *readies the digital camera*
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