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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 47

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

There's only so much to say about this ep, so I'll make it quick.
Final boss 2nd form!
Hehehe to sum it up, this is just one big struggle. >w< ~ Lots of argue struggle against Yggdrasil. Though that'll change in the last ep. 8D

四人バースト!!! *stares at all the pretty colors*
Yoshino's face looks really hot manly to me here XDDD

Wow, a lot of important places blew up. D: Eiffel Tower! Sphinx/pyramids! The Forbidden City...!!!!!!! ...Whoa. The instant power of fiction.
Dukemon's lines about Digimon naturally wanting to survive as much as humans do gave me nostalgic X-Evo vibes.
The little squeaks of the Digimon getting zapped... I'm sorry I couldn't help but laugh. orz

Poor Yoshino and Raramon ^^;


Ah, but also a commercial for the Digimon Savers Best CD, which will have the character songs on it. Waa, I was thinking they'd have separate CD/s for it o_o;

So Masaru, Agumon, Tohma, Gaomon, Ikuto, Falcomon and BantyoLeomon will be singing. エロ過ぎ

Once I figure exactly HOW I want to distribute the tomato doujin (I want to know who's reading it so I may just request a comment for link or something), I'll start with the first 19 pages and go on from there? Hmm, so many possibilities ^^; ~ It doesn't even have a title yet, err...
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