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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 44-45

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Haa, I feel the weight of the 18 credits. But nn. I resolve to go very tomato once the series is over. 8D Over?!?!!!! Having to say that... but it just makes me more optimistic in some ways. It shall, yes.

Although 46 is tonight, some doodles. Kyaa it really is about the DATS moe teamwork <3 ~ And lots of Masaru as we get towards the end of the series. Waaaa.

Waha, my parents had me watch Babel with them while Savers 44 was airing, so I didn't go in the mad rush of refreshing of 2ch thread, but... XD
Note: 2ch links have been replaced for your safety. XD
[20:40] < Splash> Gooooooooo Masaru http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0021p8qb
[20:42] < Serg> Wow Ivy, that's epic XD
[20:45] < Splash> epic XD hehe
[20:46] < Splash> omg
[20:46] < Splash> this is even better http://pics.livejournal.com/splash/pic/0021qsx0
[20:46] < Serg> Wtf XD
[20:46] < Serg> Making the impossible possible
[20:46] < Serg> Mwu
[20:46] < Splash> \o/!

Um yeah. hggggg. *out of words, so just spouts absolute nonsense*


< seraphimon> FATS has been silent lately on Savers.
< seraphimon> *DATS
< seraphimon> Has the last episode aired yet?
< Splash> 46 today
< Splash> lol FATS
< Splash> Fatal Accident Tactics Squad
* Splash deathhhhhh
< Serg> :o
< seraphimon> XD
< Splash> oh that kills me
< seraphimon> ...XD

Yukana's Raramon squeals at the beginning... lol.

The AC support. With Tohma and MirageGaogamon to start the momentum~ XD

Mm, time to hear the banchou's story now 8D

My first commissions completed, yay. Thanks, guys! :D
Pencil - Digimon Savers 1 Year
CG - Flamedramon

Spring Season 2007 Fansubbing

I'd like this resolved so I can get rid of the following~:
If someone wants to help translate おおきく振りかぶって for Saizen, I can set you up (...if you're a competent TL, of course. I'm not going to whip 4 hours of pure brain-cell damage for every episode editing poor English ^^;). I've reserved the spot for editing the series, and the rest of the staff is of Saizen's best+speediest. But naturally, this only works if scripts come in quickly as well.

Saizen's informed me that MJN, the other group planning to do it, cares a ton more about speed than quality (and their latest releases sure show that :X), so we can't do a joint with them (a shame since we just need translation, and the rest of Saizen staff for this project isn't slow... I don't quite get the conflict, or if this is just a clash of egos, but whatever). Take the opportunity, anyone? petshopmistress has shown interest, but how active can you be these days girl o_O. I can't see you as anything more than a backup translator unless you really put your foot down on this and start going l33t. And I won't be motivated enough to do it if we only have backup TLs.

I won't set you up if you have a ton of other projects too, rawr. Meh, we'll see if this one works out at all. Otherwise, those who need subs will probably be stuck with MJN. Or maybe they won't be so bad after all since they have a joint? I can't tell at this point. I really wouldn't mind editing for this show, but I don't think I'm up to intruding and offering myself to MJN. A joint probably means they're full on staffing. This series would just become another one for me to sit back on if this doesn't work out, so I'll just end up getting more focus on everything else I'm doing~

*adjusting community subscriptions*
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