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Hehe hanjieisms ♥

Going on an art spree to catch up with commissions, Thought, and tomato doujin after I go through some busy times. ToT Ahhh, want to draw so much, but so much schoolwork in the way~

Chronological reminders:
1. Next 15
2. Edit Okane ga Nai OVA 1
3. Edit Ah My Goddess Sorezore no Tsubasa 24
4. Busou Renkin DVD ep 3 whenever it gets time-checked
5. One Piece 218 QC
6. Edit Legendz 14
7. Edit Patalliro Saiyuki 18
8. Bug petshopmistress (oofuri, Eyeshield, WD tomato etc) and ladymercurious5 (...get on aim!! file transfers)
9. Pics of haircut and other random stuff ^^;;

Still considering to pre-order:
●The last two Kiniro no Corda ~primo passo~ classic selection CDs (the 5th one especially I don't know will interest me enough to buy ^^;;)
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings for Nintendo DS (just waiting to see if I can find an even cheaper method XD So far, YesAsia is the cheapest I've found because of free shipping ♥ Is anyone else planning to get this? Or even if you're waiting for US version, tell me~)

Rachmaninov - Piano Concerto No.2, I. (Moderato)
I got to play the violin part of this movement of the concerto during one of my years in Kalamazoo Junior Symphony, and it's been one of my favorites to listen to. And I was reminded not long ago that it's not only used in Nodame Cantabile, but that it was included in Gankutsuou's Classic Compilation CD. Ah loss of memory, how did I overlook that before~. I will so find time to re-enjoy Gankutsuou in the future~ XD So, various recordings:

Gankutsuou Classic Compilation
Bernd Glemser piano, Polish National Symphony Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy piano, London Symphony Orchestra

I think I like the London Symphony Orchestra recording the most because the pace is the most similar to how the Kalamazoo Junior Symphony played it, especially the slower beginning and the climax at 7 minutes ♥.

70 pages. \TvT/ Okayyy, at this point, I'll admit it's more like a mini-manga than a "doujinshi" what's going on with us?!?!?! ^^;;;; I haven't even gotten to the moe of dangerous DATS missions yet that they're there for...!! Oh my god, I'm getting reminded of the random 100-page incomplete Pokemon manga (it's American left-to-right) I was doing as a continuation of a fic I was writing back in middle school... just because I was getting tired of writing it out instead of drawing. Middle school scary. Scary scary. It started getting weird angsty or something towards the end, melding with my other junk OC fics, and I stopped in the middle of a battle. *orz at the quality of the work back then* Oh man, scary!!!! Well, it's all part of the time capsule now. (went off in a weird tangent)

nekosalosa, I'm starting to grasp my own kind of ideas for this tomato thing too... which feels weird because then it'd be like a fan production of a fan production of a fan production or some other weird loop. What am I supposed to do with myself ahhhhh *runs in circles*

Kiniro no Corda ~Primavera 2~ (community locked)
Ohh, Konitan and Taniyama trying to play the violin XDDDDD
JunJun "umaisu~"
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