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[talk] Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2

I got the most horrible craving to play an RPG on the GBA this week. Specifically for the GBA. I didn't even really care if it was a mediocre, typical kind of RPG, I just wanted to play one. ^^;;; But fortunately, this was better than my expectations.

So I went down this list and was surprised to see something from the Summon Night series. Two actually, but the second one is basically a revamp of the first, so I got the second one. It's not bad at all. :D It leaves me much more satisfied than the latest two RPGs I played, Final Fantasy III and Children of Mana which were both for DS. Please stop losing to GBA games, DS. Especially the Mana series, which I feel has been losing ever since they left the SNES platform long ago.
FFIII DS classes were fun and the graphics were supposed to impress me, but uh... yeah it wasn't very worthwhile. D:
Anyway, I started chocking away on this game without a single bit of previous information about the story, characters, gameplay, nada.

They allow you to name your fighting character and your Guardian Beast... I didn't even know a thing about the characters except that each of the four Guardian Beasts you can choose one of has his/her/its own personality, and I ended up choosing this combo.


I didn't know that was going to happen... XDDDD
Seriously, I admit I use save states on an emu all the time (especially for such a big decision like picking a summon creature if you don't get to see it before you pick!), and when I was going through the four summons, they consisted of a mech, oni boy, loli devil girl, and then this... they called "half beast." Aka make-me-think-shota-and-Loveless, so I went for that. But the force that drove me to name my guy Tohma and that it would end up exactly like ...this... I dunno what how that happened.

The characters in the game argue about the half-beast's sex, but he claims to be just a "child of the wind" ... but his dub voice is ridiculously boyish. It's likely more neutral in the Japanese version.

You can choose from being a guy or girl. Apparently, guys and girls will both go after you no matter which sex you are. :D The girl's cute, but give me the guy kthx XD

First look at the half-beast. I snapped the epilogue picture of him which was really cute too, but VBA is lame in that it overwrites your screenshots if you don't move them beforehand, so it got overwritten. T___T

He sure is

Attempting to seduce the fishman elementar

Orin is blushing and thinking you're confessing a little too much to him


Ohh, I forgot to put this one up at first. xD;

You don't get to reply to this, shucks

The robot's messing with your chest. Even the machine gets to have fun with you. Oh blushing.

There are cats sleeping and hanging about all over the village. Occasionally, they're literally hanging.

Somehow I screened all these BL-looking parts, but how interesting can the straight stuff be? XD

I was looking through the list of upcoming games for ready for pre-order at Play-Asia and came across Seiken Densetsu: Heroes of Mana. And then I got excited to see that it has connections to my favorite SNES RPG, Seiken Densetsu 3. But either I just can't tell enough from the couple trailers, or it's just not going to live up to its potential again... Whatever it was, it didn't entice me enough to want it at all. I'll see how it goes after release, I suppose. But with only a few days before release, it must be getting almost no publicity or something since there's so little info on it. Will there ever be a good Seiken Densetsu like the SNES games ever again~ orz
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings still looks good to me though.
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