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[random] 勉強ing!Going!My Soul!!


I finally opened up Art Commissions. Can't wait to start my first ones (keeping you guys anonymous for now if that's okay~). Thanks, you two! :3

I should be studying for my linguistics/art history midterm tomorrow, but need to digress a little first. :D ladymercurious5 and I watched Farewell My Concubine last night. Back when I saw it at age 6 or 7, I didn't have a clue what was going on after the Japanese invaded (and probably some of the other things before *cough*), but now it's all very clear to me woo.

Also enjoyed going through 2005 and 2006's Music Station Super Lives with you gal. woo marathon power. XD

< Splash> okay, doujin, study and sleep nite
< nezucho> i love how doujin comes before study
< Splash> yep

You may be one of the few whose LJ profiles I've thoroughly stalked through these few days. These things are quite seriously interesting and I think people should look through them more often. +_+
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