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[talk] Nyuh

Does anybody have a bright and easy-to-read Winamp skin that supports Japanese tags in the playlist window? Although I've been in love with the simple Ragnarok Online skin I've been using for years, it's always annoying to not be able to see many of the tracks properly in the playlist window. I have to view the file info or spam it on IRC to see the Japanese. jajaaaaan

Man.. today's ep of Heroes was really aggravating. Only scary, badddd combos meeting up and all of the interesting ones just kept missing each other~ XD

Ugu... petshopmistress came up today, we had lunch, she went for an appointment, we ate dinner at Sadako's with ladymercurious5 and Jackie, then went to Jackie's apartment for Heroes and... foolery. And petshopmistress fed me enough moe thoughts about Tohma's hetare and tomatoes to last me a while... so I thought, but I still go through the daily prowl through the Japanese fansites as soon as I come back. *swt* ahhh it's really never enough doushiyou >w< ;;;;; Ahahah. While the thoughts are gooooooooood exercise (actually, my body's still trembling from all the excitement we built up), it really slowed down my doujinshi progress for the day and I only got half a page done in what... 3 hours. Messed up so much... XD~ I was hoping to do a little better than that~~ Feels pathetically slow, but the fangirling was utterly refreshing. I can't wait for her to finish her valentine pic as well. It's so very nice~~~... If I could, I would've loved to just spend so much longer just hanging around and drawing even if progress was so slowwwwww orz. But yeah, it's kind of hard to draw for so many hours straight after spending most of the day out and laughing at the weirdest things... We seriously laugh way too much... XDDDDD
So w00t for the little 10pm-1am tomato fanarting session \o/ Thank you Leanne~~~

Yes, so today was a free day I haven't had in a while~ But back to schoolwork I go now :o Thought will probably be delayed a week or so although I enjoyed the ep a lot~ The tomato juices are flowing~

A bit on the ballroom that is being used in the doujinshi. I'm being really unmotivated to draw my own backgrounds, so I just do hordes of photoshop manipulation. xD
So I use google image *RUNS* And I found something. Waaa and it's actually in Austria, which I didn't find out until I went through the whole gallery and thought it was exactly the ballroom I was looking for. o_o;;; They have a lot of really delicious-looking Japanese dishes and bentou to top it off waaaa. Too good to be true


The rest are some older tidbits:

Finally caught up with MAR, though I did a lot of skimming... except through all the Phantom/Alviss/Rolan scenes which my eyes and ears thoroughly gorged on. Whoa. WHOA BL. WHOA WHOA RAMPANT BL...!! It was amusing. Honestly, I laughed at times since it's just so... Hnnnnnnnnn. Good job Saiga/Hoshi/Chiba .w.

I must've missed some news. What happened to Ginta's Kumai Motoko for ep 90+? :o

Waah, so I finished up FFIII finally.
And watched FFXII on youtube. Yeah. Watched. It was like marathoning a 13-episode series, though with kudos to the prettified-realism 3D. The original has a nice cast and I didn't mind the English dub either. Yeah, feel that epic cinema feel ._.; But I do like that Square Enix is making more games set in the Ivalice world, and two of them will be for the DS. :D Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings out in Japan on April 26.
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