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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 42

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)


Absolute Norstein. Hetare Norstein. Absolute Tohma. I mentioned this to terracannon876 earlier, but that doctor looked... nice. Reminded me of David from BLOOD+, which is what I thought Tohma's father would look like before we actually saw him. xxx
Kizoku party \o/ Ahh, this ep gave me many good thoughts. Thoughts of Tohma's mental development after events like meeting his grandmother. Oh, those comments... And oh baby Relena and Tohma. And oh... oh... Even after all that, he still... But I kind of don't have the willpower to blab everything all about it, although I could go on forever in my head. xD I definitely don't mind thinking about this kind of thing. It makes me feel so touched and optimistic afterwards. Tohma's such a good guy... *supar dazed*

Norstein mansion has a nice view.
A little strange, sorry. XD Mm, it ended up renai game CG style again.
I really enjoyed those Norstein flashbacks. Nicely done~ But we'll probably never officially find out how Tohma and Gaomon met. It's up to the fans?~ This series does have a touching take on family... wonderful, wonderful... *waters up again*

It was really beautiful. He finally did such a nice job protecting Relena and his pops. He took on the initiative well. And I took it seriously. But hehe, his last comment of the ep... Yeah, I really couldn't dodge that over-happy. The music pulled me in and launched me through a sling-shot.

Really, Tonma... >w< The confidence boost he receives... shifts onto Masaru even though Masaru told him to stay and protect the real world just the episode before?
Guess we all know what's on his mind now that he has daddy's approval~
Now he's going to get the other daddy's ♥~?!!?!?

Not ep 42-related, but doing a little random Tohma art trade with a fellow on devart because there's not enough Bellboy Tohma 8D~ Eh?
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