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[talk] Animedia Jan/Feb 2007 scans

I rewatched Lion King 2 and saw 3 for the first time last night on some whim. Definitely my most favorite Disney series ever XDDDD;

Just a few scans since most of the ones for the other series I'm interested in are up on MiniTokyo anyway.

Ghost Hunt

I know aestalitz and onkei_kun \o/ for this series, w00t~
Definitely worthy of more attention even though I just mentally meditate through anything that's supposedly scary in it. >3

Katekyoushi Hitman REBORN! - DVD ad. Now if only it gave the manga justice, I'd keep watching. Darn. xD
Digimon Savers Ed 2 "Ryuusei" music sheet + lyrics

tomato crack ep 30 | ep 31

\o/ Mm, want sushi~ And randomly getting excited for Romeo x Juliet again. XD

*edit* After some thought, I will very likely not have time to do a sale during spring break since it's only a week long and I'll still have homework to do .__.; Plus, my parents are planning a little family trip to Toronto, depending if things work out. I'll just safely say that it's postponed until summer break (end of April). Sorry ^^;; */edit*
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