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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 39

waaaaaaaa, 帰ってきました~.
Kamiya Hiroshi is Craniummon. That's so strange XD~~~~~~ okaeri Kamiyan~~~~ *laugh*

For an ep with so much recap, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Especially because of the BGM~ Brought a different level of excitement to the rehashed scenes~ mm opera. mm BantyoLeomon~~
Ikuto is quite the shota with Ravemon
Looking forward to the developments!

My Final Fantasy III and Jump Ultimate Superstars finally arrived after winter break.
I started off with FFIII, and then I switched to Ultimate Superstars before going through the last dungeon on FFIII. That's a really bad habit of mine when it comes to RPGs, not finishing the final boss for a long time, if ever. But I'll finish this one since my characters are leveled up enough for it, plus I bought the game... so I should finish it... deshou. I just need a bigger gap of time to savor it. XD

And seriously, Jump Ultimate Superstars is just plain addictive. When I got the original Jump Superstars, I bought a used one with a complete story mode and all characters unlocked, and the selection of characters didn't motivate me to clear the game data and go through it myself... so I just fiddled around with battling against my own decks. Ultimate's selection is nice; they made a lot more playable characters that I wanted to see like Kagura (Gintama), Hitsugaya (BLEACH). And then Linali (D.Gray-man) is my new favorite 3-jumper, sorry Eve (Black Cat). Lenaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee's (eeh) speed is love. XD~~~ But Eve's help support provides 3 jumps, so she still shows up in my decks. I still heart afro Luffy (One Piece) and the rest of his gang, and I'll try out Luffy's gears sometime. Also Kazuki (Busou Renkin) and many other folks.

Woo the Manaphy mission code for US Pokemon Ranger is coming up on the 20th~ waiting waiting. In the meanwhile, just cloning items on Pokemon Diamond (Need to wait for the US games to trade myself a masterball since I already used mine x_X) and occasionally stacking up Battle Points ohohoho. XD~~~~
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