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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 37

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Tohma: I really felt that one, Masaru~~~~
Masaru: So glad you did- let's do it again when this mess is over :D
Rosemon: Huh
Yoshino: Guys are stupid... (not just for the fast comeback, but tonma just hadddd to pretend betrayal and duke it out with Masaru when he could've just told him what was going on with Relena... ahahahhahahahahahaha oh the thoughts)
Ravemon: I r high-pitched pwnage!
MirageGaogamon: Masutaaaa
Belphemon: Who's your masutaaaa now eh?

...:X sorry just having a little fun~

I had to redo a lot of this coloring... photoshop decided to do the thing where it suddenly eats 98% of my CPU while it doesn't respond to anything... and it crashed before I could save it the first time. =.=;;;; Means I should've saved more, of course. Anyway, because of that, I lost a good 3 hours of work. reCGing stuff is depressing, so ... I fight. D:

Gomennn Hoshi your crying still just cracks me up, wtf. XD Still, good reunions. REUNIONS~~~ Thank you, Digimon ♥ Agumon okaeri~ tomato heaven~~~

Post-series addition--tomato focus =w=;
This could've been so obvious to me, but it wasn't until now waaa. Like... I understood in the back of my head somewhere, but I couldn't figure out why. XD Just tomato brain-food for thought :D

So really. Why didn't Tohma blow off Kurata's face when he had the first opportunity after saving Relena? Or at least use a shock paralyzer or something to physically stop Kurata from retaliating, aka confine him. It always bothered me and nobody I talked to seemed to have anything to shine light on it.
At first, I just thought it was plot device.

Tohma needed to keep Kurata alive to show Masaru that he wasn't a 2-TIMER when he came back to his side?!?!? *snerkKurata??!..choke*

I mean... If he exploded Kurata's face or something to that effect, then went back to Masaru like that, would Masaru be satisfied that way? Not just with not getting a piece of Kurata himself (plotdeviceToeistafflovesMasaru♥~plotdevice), but Masaru wouldn't be satisfied with Tohma either? I can imagine Tohma thinking, "Well, he'll beat me up to relieve his anger at me for betraying him, and I can attempt to explain my plan to him, but he'll never understand that. It's beyond his brain capability. And then everyone would always be wondering if I really had this planned all along or if I was just figuratively coming back with my tail between my legs because I can no longer try taking over the world with Kurata.

"But if Kurata STAYS ALIVE... If Kurata himself shows Masaru that I'M STILL ON MASARU'S SIDE..." The psychological stuff doesn't work with Masaru, after all. He needs to bodily vent when he gets angry, needs to be told things flat-out to get his attention, and sticks to other such simple, down-to-earth ways of living. But he's pretty darn easy to catch if you do the right things to him.

Tohma was aware of this. And Tohma trusted that he could take down Kurata even if he let the earlier opportunity go by because MASARU and the others WOULD BE THERE WITH HIM.

TEAMWORK. He believed in it. He chose teamwork over an easier but regrettable victory. TEAM?

And in turn, Masaru believed in him too. Believer.

...iya... in the end, I still really think it's as Yoshino said. They're just idiotic men. GENIUS as he might be, GENIUS as the others claim he is, Tohma's still a 14-year-old guy here.
You two weirdos. I love you two. D: medetashi medetashi

Banzai Savers.~

January 7th comes Aoi Sayo goodness, can't wait! :D

I'm really enjoying my progress on Pokemon Diamond lately. Slowly working on my Eevee evolution team (I'll raise at least one of each eventually and mix around to see who gets the cut in the end... but uuuu I like them all, even jipped Flareon~) and raising some other overused to help me sweep through the Battle Tower for BP (Fukumaru for Kaburaisu... .___., get me one with a good nature already! I hatched a good 20 or so...). Definitely easy to go through while marathoning anime though. xD And also playing when my parents drag me out to their friends' dinner parties.

Though I can't use WiFi at home with my dad's paranoid DSL router, and I still haven't tried it at umich. XD

Oh, and movie 9... I couldn't help but think Manaphy x Kyogre ohohoo
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