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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 36

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

I kind of lied. At last minute, I decided to take my scanner back home with me. Ahh, precious thing. ^^;;
Oh yes, and sent out the Christmas cards on Wednesday. Hope they arrive safely. I'll post on X-mas too.

Did Suguru ever have to go through the mental trauma Masaru's going through with Tohma? >w< ~ Part of the development that will lead to you meeting up to B.Leomon's expectations? *w*

Aww loyal Gaomon :D What was the point of him wearing that on his head though... and they actually allowed him to stay out of the Digivice during the operation. Those other guys were just asking for it. And Tohma beating up the other surgeons... Haaa it's hot having characters who can... physically infiltrate and penetrate wherever they go XD~~ *shot*

What did Masaru think he could do on this thing. XD It wasn't even on... although if it had been, he probably would've broken it. \o/

Masaru heads off with Agumon's egg in a... a something that happens to be the same color as Sayuri's top?
demo kawaii na, Masaru...

Love for Tohma skyrockets. :D Beautiful. Tonma winnnnnnnnn...!

Hey, if Tohma were going to make the device self-destruct next to Kurata's ear, why didn't he install some kind of shock paralyzer with it. Then he could've physically stopped the madman too XDDD Eh well the story continues, haha.

Next time comes the make-up-of-sorts tiff~ I wonder how much Masaru will get to find out about the whole situation. Clear things up, Tohma~~~. Can't wait~~~

I'll leave this randomly here and leave most of you guessing what it's for lah :DDD
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