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[talk] もう少し; Lamento

Neehehehehe I got a $5 coupon for Play-Asia from EdwardK as shown on the 2006-12-04 news on TokyoTosho's front page +_+~~

petshopmistress is getting her own DS as Christmas stuff, and maybe we'll dork out on Jump Ultimate Superstars some day. 漢字そのままDS楽引辞典 really is awesome.

It's really finals week now, so I'm going be on hiatus from more random things until then. After that, I'll have many gifts for everyone. \o/

*icon point* Ah, just finished Asato's route on the BL game Lamento. aarinfantasy has it on her forum, but that's as far as I'll say about getting it. Art's beautiful. Music's beautiful. The story is intriguing. The characters are love (squishy love in my case~). I feel like I just marathoned a 26 episode series crossed with reading a really long Japanese fic... XD Especially after 風の殺意~it's long way round~, Lamento, with its many hours of story progression and choices that actually affect the proceeding events, were very uplifting for me *c...cough*. ASATO BAKA NEKO SAIKOU MOE..... ...I really do have a thing for awkward relationships. Ahhhh.

Lamento OST 320kbps mp3 (w/ booklet) on the domain

Solid fanservice is good every once in a while. Noji-nii... XDD

Shakugan no Shana Special - Koi to Onsen no Kougai Gakushuu (raw DVD rip, .mkv) Sendspace | MegaUpload

*edit* Oh, have to note that I pre-ordered Hirari, but I'm using yesasia's free shipping, so it won't be arriving quickly. XD And eh! Nojiken watches his older brother every week on Digimon oh happy~ >w< ~ */edit*
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