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[random] ㌧マ様

Digimon Savers 34+ spoilers... if you can understand what I'm trying to say beyond the jumble anyway. :3

Lelouch, Light. The parallels, why. Actually, the Light side is just for the crack. xDDD
Physically weak younger sister...
now to add 「新しい世界を作る為」
What's going on, Tohma~~~

Okay, maybe Digimon NEXT manga could've given the real hint, what with Shou/Norun and all. But... oh, this is going to be fun. ♥

You know what, having watched Brave Story right before Savers 33 really didn't help with the younger sister parallels. Guaaa, my poor brain... xDDDDD By the way, the animation? Probably too much *Q*~~~~~

But... still depending on a heart-winner as a result of all of this. IKE, Tohma! IKE, Masaru!

Okay, I'm still thinking about tomatoes in the end really
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