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[talk] A little DS love.

Let's see if Thanksgiving break will be much of a break at all...... Grah I love this Tokomon icon... XDDD

About a week ago, I brought my Nintendo DS to Japanese class for a quick poke before class started, which of course sparked a little gaming discussion from the classmates who noticed it.

From that class onward, another classmate's been bringing her PSP. xD
And then another guy brought his black DS lite and used it during it class. I was wondering what he'd been doing on it, so today I got a peek, and uwaa, it was an electronic Japanese/English dictionary. The thought of there being one for the DS had never come across my mind until then.

With the DS stylus, you can just input kanji by writing it. *Q* Tedious radical/stroke searching go byebye~~
So I'm getting it too-- 漢字そのままDS楽引辞典 @ yesasia
@ Play-Asia

Sure beats getting a regular electronic Japanese/English dictionary which costs $150 at cheapest anyway. xD
Heck, you can get a DS and the "game" for cheaper prices, plus that stylus option just wins me. ._.;
Ohh, I can't wait to get it~ This will surely spark some more FUN in learning kanji. XDDDD
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