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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 32

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Normally, I'd go O_o; at these kind of things, but it's okay with Yoshino because she's so mellow with EVERYTHING... :D

Ah, if it weren't for Tohma's delicious emo, this ep would have been just plain funny xD~~ Rosemon's declaration of possession over Yoshino and firing it up against BioSpinomon especially ♥
But I love it all. I really love it all. It makes me dumbstruck, how much I like it... Enough that I just want to stare at it all day and just... REVEL. AND THINK HAPPY THINGS.

No, I should do something though~.


Destiny druggies Digimon style. Gomen, I couldn't resist despite the singular surface parallel.
Ivan, love your attack names. xD
But ahh, waiting for the Royal Knights and other Digimon to take over some spotlight... +o+; They're the ones in the opening, after all. ^^;

...TOHMA. Stared at a detonating timer for 20 seconds. And didn't go with the others back to the real world? Yeah, he's got it bad. It's great because it's Digimon and I can't wait to see how he'll change out of his situation. Oh happy anguish and other lovely oxymorons.~

The anticipation for the tomato relationship development is making me think endlessly of nice, random, fic-able scenes. Want to read lots more~

Kouki and his iron claw. Masaru, going off about how you don't have time to fight against Kouki, why would that be ohoho *Q*~~~~~~~~~~ No, of course I'm reading into it the wrong way. That's just how I like it, hahaa. But man, poor Kouki wants your attention~ ^^;;; He picked the wrong situation~.

DATS trio and Gaomon... - Obligatory I-did-this-while-watching-TV-so-it-makes-no-sense bit of the week. :)
Tomato - T. Time for you to get some. I love it when you guys make me cry happily for this pair :') Moremore please~

Thanksgiving break coming soon, and I have a lot to be thankful for. And yet... a lot to watch out for at the same time.
doujinshi, art and fics for the ultimate happy.~

In Monday morning's Japanese class, we watched a part of some random variety show about pets and their special quirks, such as a bird who could say parts of the Momotarou story (and mixed it up sometimes so it ended in weird places, lol), and a shiba inu who had a keen interest for cats, but absolutely no interest in other dogs. Anyway, I noticed the narrator for the clips was the seiyuu for Nyasu in Pokemon and they used some background music from the series in the show. lawl.

Arghhh I will catch up with your comments as soon as I can... Argh still another couple days of group project outings... ToT~ thank youuuu *hug*

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