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[talk] 二人でいい

Maybe use it for a cover page even though it's really out of context with the doujinshi and it's an oekaki? XDDDD

Click this for big (aka Masaru). I think I killed my time for coloring anything for the next few weeks.

If you want to see some disturbing omake, this is the concept scribble I blew up in scanning, uploaded to oekaki and used as a base.

*edit* I reuploaded the pic with a small fix here and in the other art dumps. I can't fix it at DATS oekaki without deleting and re-uploading it because it becomes over the size limit (unless I bug Greg to up the size limit). I ended up changing ONE stroke on Tohma because that one thing bugged me enough to change it. I bet none of you can tell the difference. :D */edit*

Instead of linguistics, I wonder if there's anything art-related I can go for during my senior year as an LSA student at University of Michigan... Would be nice, nice! :D

w00t, I beat Pokemon ranger today. The power of circles is fun.
Tags: otp - tomato, series - pokemon
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