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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 31

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

It's SATSUMA in the thought bubble!

petshopmistress and I went out all day yesterday. First, we ate sakedon for lunch, then we got bubble tea/mochi ice cream to eat at Border's while we studied/drew stuff. D:
For dinner, we went to an American restaurant and we shared potato skins. And we both got our own tuna melt sandwiches. I only had two bites of mine before I needed to take the rest home. Leanne sketched her name into her take-home box and I drew... this.
Well, Leanne drew Satsuma. SATSUMA DESHOU? XD

When it's shorter, it's going to be SHORTER :D

Okay, enough with my lameness.~ Incoherent blabbing comes!

Omggg no images. Not like anything would be good to do anyway... there was so much SCARY IMAGERY in this episode!! Yep. But intense. Very, extremely intense. Holy crap, Nanami. O___o;;;;;

So she's a genius okay. And she wanted Tohma to join forces with her to TAKE OVER THE WORLD and all that such and such. But what was with that method of temptation?!?!?!?! Of COURSE Medusa hands are going to make the guy refuse! Not pretty. Hahaha, doubt it would've happened similarly if Nanami's character was replaced by a male. That'd be... yabai~
But... LOL to whoever put up the BLOOD+ gif of Diva in the 2chan topic. Great stuff. But Diva is much hotter than Nanami. :O

Hey, what if someone gave Nanami a death note? D: Or Tohma for that matter. It's always funny to think about what random people would do if they had a death note. XD

...Oh, but before I forget. GAOMON. Best YES, MASTER episode ever. I couldn't stop cheering him on the whole episode, all through his hiney getting kicked multitudes of times. Gaomon...!

And when Tohma told MachGaogamon "Don't dodge it!" I pretty much SCREAMED and went "MASARUの..." and the HAPPY went straight up from there. YOKENAI YO, ano. *pundeath* Yes, it was pathetic.

But um... the water. Uh oh.

Nanami's Digimon's DigiEgg has hearts err..... D:

"What is this irritation?!?!?!!" Ahaha the genius doesn't quickly figure out he's frustrated that he couldn't win from using his usual tactics? Feelings obviously haven't been his strong point, but uh... Ahhahah, poor Tohma. Poor, poor Tohma.
Of course he'll figure out how NICE it is to keep Masaru in his life eventually~~ I keep imagining if he'll have some big, sappy confession to Masaru *Q*
Ohh, the innocence that is Digimon. Keep it coming, Toei...!
Just the fandom taints it wherever it likes. ♥ Kind of interesting a bunch of us set Tohma in the "pursuing" position since he's always randomly commenting and worrying about Masaru, but in the show itself he DOESN'T GET WHY HE DOES IT (yet), THE HETARE... IT MAKES ME LAUGH... Mm. But it's good. It's fine the way the show is going. Good things are definitely going to happen. Must settle down.

The following doesn't count since it's actually in pencil *gasp*

NANTO. ima SKETCHY doujinshi wo kaiteimasu~ Thanks to nekosalosa's story providing \o/ I wonder how long it'll be. More than my usual 40-pager for sure.
As long as I get to draw lots of the pair together, moe or getting down to it, I'll be very happy. Excited~ It's all I want to do all day~~
Oh boy o_o
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