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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 30

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)
I've seeded a good 7 gigs on Digimon Savers 26-30 (DivX511 TV-Raw) [XP1dIgZwSI] in one day and still going~

I need to calm down, but then I love being this HAPPY. Ahhhh.

Tied-up Gaomon's tail is lovely too~

Tohma?? XD

Of course Tohma's jealousy is just going to come right back and become more good tomato fodder. Just too good to let go. Errr, ahahaha obsession. Beautiful love. ♥

EVEN THE EXCESSIVE PRODUCTION MISTAKES ARE LOVE.... XDDDD Actually, I didn't catch this until I read the Japanese fanblogs, but when Tohma comes rushing back in the dining room yelling "ENEMY ATTACK!" he's suddenly sitting next to Masaru again in the following scene. Ohohoho.
And the bottom half of Tohma's outfit was green when he was tied to the stake and saying that they should at least get a lawyer. A lawyer for all the heinous crimes that befell you in this episode!! Lol. All the previous eps weren't enough color mis-matching for you? Man, onkei_kun's icon in this post for you. Poor guy.

I think Yoshino's my new favorite female Digimon character. The lack of ability to act is so on purpose, and it's so lovely. XD I think I failed this pic though. orz

And other such randomness spawns from the rubble. Sometimes I pick bad places on the paper to start drawing. This is on the bottom right corner of a page~
And I did it while watching Heroes. Gomen since I was actually really mindless when I did it... Really need to do a doujinshi or something to get me to concentrate more, but with what kind of story...

Oh, man. Yabai. Leanne and I have been talking about the random possibility Yoshino/Ikuto despite the lack of them actually INTERACTING with each other hahaaaa. The opening set the image in stone in my head, I think. Just too cute. The age difference is a plus. Most people widen their eyes like I'm a weirdo when I say I like that kind of thing, but really, 6/7 years isn't that big of a difference after a certain point in everyone's lives. ._o; All potential~ I wouldn't be able to do much fanart for it though. XD That goes all to TOMATO love... Ah. Happy.
So, yes. I would love to see more fangirling in digi_tomato out of you lurkers, folks. The possibilities are endless. +___+ Nothing more motivating than letting your mind LOOSE~~

Kamemon... XD

This series is so jam-packed!!! ♥ *FAINTS* But man, because of that, everything goes so QUICKLY~~~ I want them to SLOW DOWN like the beginning eps (so yes, late gratitude. My failure), but at the same time, I'm LOVING the pace. *sweat* I suppose to make room for slow pace, there would need to be more fandom. Fandom~~~
So if you need to take more time to ENJOY it, go deep into the fandom...~

So... letting loose! Full of faults, but just making with what I can. XD
1 - crap, I didn't mean to make them look like a family o.o;;; I wanted to have them passing by without acknowledging each other, but somehow they ended up doing so...
2 - Practice~ Tohma looks smaller, oops.

Curiosity... What do you have set as your homepage? The new IE allows multiple homepages, so multiple answers are fine.

Finished up the Youmacon 2006 entry... I think. I have such a bad habit of editing entries dozens of times... XD

Urrr, I wanted to put this in much earlier, but...
Yay for the Tohma. influence in Fall 2006's anime season. It's giving me a new weakness argh \o/

Desktop screenshot to remind me of the bliss that is fangirling. ^^;
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