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[talk] Youmacon 2006

Deleted the previous notice entry~ Sorry if I seem excessively spastic anywhere.

Youmacon 2006

Nov. 3, Friday's memo

Winny somewhat works with the free wireless here. At least it's certainly better than at the dorms and at home. HAPPY...!

I was on the fansubbing panel. I think I was useless because nikolai and the other did all the talking... :D But I really enjoy being up there and seeing everyone in the crowd. I wanted to get some interesting questions though... ^^;;;

Received the Gunslinger Girl 3-disc DVD boxset for winning Anime Name That Tune championship. Anyone want to buy it? It'd be $30 + shipping. I just want money for doujin here... XDDD If not, I'll figure it out on eBay or something. After doujin obtaining, the prize will then become worthy \o/
waaaaa, champion after I went through 4 rounds (8 contestants at first, each 2 on 2). I had to go against petshopmistress first round eeeeee. I'm sorry Leanne~ o.o~~~~

And they showed Digimon Savers 1-5 in one of the screening rooms during that Tune event... ToT OH HAPPY THANK YOU nikolai!!!
Watched AMVs after that.
Ate. Got sleepy.
Leanne did things with my hair and I got pet~~~ I like having my back massaged/hair played with just about as much as a good doujinshi/fanfic. ^^;;~ Ultimate suki na mono~~
laa sleepy.

About Anime Name That Tune:
Leanne was definitely right when she said that they played an access of really random shoujo and moe songs o_o If you're going to go obscure on that end, go obscure on the sports, monster, suspense/horror or whatever series too :O
Overall, I thought the selection was definitely better than last year, where almost every other song was a random transformers/ranger theme.
Last year, they'd also play the song for an entire minute or longer, so it was just kind of tiresome to keep listening to the song if neither of the contestants knew what it was off-hand. It felt like they played more songs in general this time, so there were more opportunities. More opportunities yay!

Ones I remember and got:
One Piece (Op 3 got me on the contestant's stage :D)
Samurai Champloo (The ed song... during Leanne vs me. Poor Leanne, and she likes the song more than I do XD)
KIBA (during Leanne vs me. One of the few we actually watched together too, ouch XD)
Hunter x Hunter (Leanne and I were the only ones who knew this again sadness)
Gravitation (again... got bad rap for knowing this, no surprise xD)
Gankutsuou (Uhaa, I learned to play that on the piano, that piece... No one else knew the piece?! It broke my heart T__T)
GetBackers (Namida no Hurricane)
Inuyasha (Angelus... which sounded like Namida no Hurricane to me at first, so I was afraid it was deja vu eep XD)
Slayers (won me in the tie-breaker)

Ari? Think there were others. Forgot...

Some other ones I remember but didn't answer:
Hikaru no Go
Bubblegum Crisis (well, didn't remember it until bum mentioned it, and then she got it ERAI! :D)
Yami no Matsuei
Rurouni Kenshin
Erementar Gerad
Tsukuyomi Full Moon (neko mimi mode~)
Bleach (IENAI ITAMI KA-- *hands shoot up in the whole room*)
Kodomo no Omocha (was late on this because I was explaining to someone about One Piece movie 7's song... how do you mistake boy band for fluffy woman singing XD)

Argh, I recognized so many mainstream series. D: And of course plenty of other ones I knew but didn't remember the title/series it came from. Like Ergo Proxy... oh bad me. Which equals failure \o/

●Gankutsuou DVDs 4-6 (completes boxset :3)
●Naked Ape Switch pencilboard
●...a certain Onmyou Taisenki doujinshi. absolutely didn't expect to find it; it cracked me up
●some Savers figures from Wizzywigs

They have a ton of the tempting $2 posters again. Leanne and Bum got those mostly, but I didn't get any. I have too many posters still... mm, must sell them... and I'm saving for tomato doujin ♥

The rest of our Youmacon experience... wasn't much compared to Friday. XD On Saturday, literally the only thing I did at the convention was browse the dealer's room. I spent the rest of the day dealing with hotel-rooming-conflicts, getting food and doing things in the hotel room with Leanne and bum. Bum and I studied for the Monday Japanese exam for a while, and then Leanne and I gave each other Asian-style massages. I was the only one who brought her laptop, so I also showed them Code Geass 1.
We ended up only doing "karaoke" in the hotel room. xD Going back to the con to sign up, and then hanging around, making sure we didn't miss our turn was just one of the things I wasn't up to doing. But we had much Savers song love ♥ ~~~~~~~

On Sunday, we went to the Otaku Family Feud, but our foursome didn't get to play. Only two other groups of four did. The topics they asked about were pretty interesting. Although doing a poll to get the list answers had its drawbacks. I just need to say... Naruto should not be on the top 4 whiny, emo and/or angsty anime boys list. O.o; Shinji #1 and Sasuke #2 are no surprise though.
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