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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 29

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

BantyoMasarumon. If there was one.

I wanted to put this up on Halloween, but papers got in the way... And they're still in the way. D: Wow, I want more time. Ahh, when will it stop~

I must absolutely note that たぐりさま's thoughts are absolutely psychic in that they're pretty much the exact same things I noticed this time around and fangirling the same things... like Tohma's vest turning red and NOSE-BLEEDING Noji-nii voice... and mellow Yoshino. I love mellow Yoshino. Yoshino managing to watch the moemoe tomato right in front of her with such a straight face~ Ganbare, Yoshino. XD

Going to Youmacon this weekend. Will be on the fansubbing panel, maybe winning more prizes at the "Anime name that tune" event again, then karaoke.~ I want to karaoke Savers songs~
Think I lost hope for a Christmas CD........... :'( The ones for the previous series were always released early November.
New Savers opening this weekend though... Wada Kouji banzai~ But sdhfdhfdjfh the seiyuu... 欲しいnaaaa
I will have much to catch up with. Ubu... Sorry I haven't been responding much. I love you guys~ SURVIVE... :D

...What, no extravagant rambling about the GOROGOROSHITEITA "KORAERO" "NNTH!" USHIRO KARA ZETTAI HAITTEITAAAA~~~~?!?!?!?! SHOCK ♥ Mm, they're scattered around somewhere. \o/ ♥♥♥ Can't express my gratitude enough!


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