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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 28

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

I like how the Digimon figures are competing with the oranges I swipe from the dorm cafeteria for space on my shelves.

Digimon Story screenshot, heheh. WAaaaaaaaa kitaaaaaaaa! I can't... get over how COOL BantyoLeomon is. BANCHOU~~~ I..Icon! His superpwn reminds me of super uber soloists on RO, ahhhhh...!! CHOUUUU KACCHOIIII.

I suddenly want gakuran~ Meanwhile, BioThunderBallmon looked like a rooster. :D A very untrustworthy rooster blabbing about his autobiography. Satsuma must live!

I used a thinner pen for the other stuff this week, and it definitely shows after I auto-level the scans. Just looks different. D: But petshopmistress got me some more free pens from the OIP office, so I'll probably go back to using those. Much gratitude~ I guess it doesn't make much of a difference in the end, though.

I just have to say I LOVE THIS EPISODE. TOT~
When RiseGreymon-tachi were struggling against the Bios, I was just WAITING for Masaru to dive in, and then for TOHMA to call out after him, and IT HAPPENED AHHH~H~~
Kizoku x Aniki? Oldies x Rock?!?!?!?! *Q*
*coughs madly and dies a pathetic death*
Much love to the scriptwriter, haha... Tohma, call out Masaru's name more often~ Worry about him some more~

Things are getting dangerous. The "one slip and you might be gone forever" kind of feeling. It gives room for good angst. ♥

...ANIKI. Err, this is so random. But really, he keeps giving it to us~ HE'S FIGHTING.

Older Ikuto? *sweat* I did this in the cold, cold 2011MLB room while ASIAN 300 (which I took the previous year) was screening Gyangu Chuushingura (1963). Leanne and bum are taking it this semester, so I went with them to the screening. XD

dazed tomato gift!
No surprise about what I'm looking forward to in the next ep!! Waii. +3+ But....... absolutely melting in the other fansite goodness with that particular scene *RUNS*

You people and your lovely icons~ SAVERS ICONS YES LEANNE~

Has anybody read Nym and Kim San Wales' Song of Ariran? I'm going to be stuck thinking about revolutions for a while ._.;
Awawawa, REALLY busy at university these couple weeks. Even though I'm loving Savers to death, I'll have to play catch up with it. T___T And do lots of tomato <3 ~~~~
But yeah... have to resist doing much for a while because I have to do a 5-page reaction paper on that Song of Ariran. But I really struggle at critical thinking. And then there are some presentations, tests, and other errands.
ganbarimasu... ToT

I have so many cam pics of Lina. Still doesn't beat actually being with her, of course. Sometimes, when she was lying on the box behind me, she'd roll around and stare at me...
Yes, those are Pokemon tees. Mom got them for me way back in middle school. They're still nice and very comfortable to this day. :x
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