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[random] Bio 105 - Fangirling health benefits

Human Nutrition. This class must be the reason why I suddenly want to talk about food sometimes. Wow Dark/Rich chocolate is winning~

Rant of love = Rave
Ahhh, I do love with the breakfasts served in Stockwell. This is only the 3rd time I've had it this semester though. This morning, I had the usual 2 cups of orange juice, some scrambled eggs mixed with egg whites, a couple strips of bacon, 2 triangle potato tater things (think hash browns, except the crispy outside and softness inside for these are just perfect D:~~~), and two giant slices of cantaloupe. It was like half a cantaloupe.

According to the 3-day diet analysis (CHERRY TOMATOES) we were assigned to do for Bio 105, I'm doing... err... really well. Like scaringly well. Lawl that must be one big lie.~ According to the Intake vs. Goals report, I still lack calcium (though I like to blame that on the orange juice here because it's only from concentrate, when I drink the expensive, fortified stuff when I'm home), eat too much protein, my Vitamin C intake is like 700% (not surprising orange juiceeeee), my vitamin A intake is nearing 500% (wtf? DANGEROUS BAD!... but I think something went wrong with the program's sources), my dietary fiber is perfect (power of the clean poop attack Bean curd is crap and turd in the same word... why am I remembering I ever said that Too much info~), and plenty of other scary stuff. Stats are fun.

Oh, and fangirling is my largest source of energy-consuming activity, of course. :D It's rather interesting that, on this program, studying/reading/writing burns calories faster than generally talking to people. But hey, does that studying/reading/writing include all of the happy butterflies dancing in my system and obnoxious laughing that comes out of me that's not possible when someone else is in the room? XD

Wish you all good health~

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