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[talk] Huh?

Ari? I keep seeing the same info rolling around in fansite blogs, but where's the original source? XD

Just a couple things such as
●Iwan has a wife and kid/s
●Kouki 17 years old, family name 翼 (Tsubasa). Loves junk food. Took down an American mafia by himself. Hobby is writing things like "I was raised in an orphanage without knowing parental love" in his autobiography although his parents are in good health.

wut random info. I can only guess it's all originally coming from V-Jump or something because I don't know where~... Well, I'm sure the rest will show up eventually, or I'm just not looking hard enough to find the source right now. XDDDD Waa, so much to do~

Uhyaa, the DVD covers~

Code Geass 3 was lots of fun. The plot is really rolling in. x3~ Twisted protagonists like Lelouch and Light make things quite interesting and are such a contrast from Savers' Masaru... *sweatdrop* Oh, but I'm 100% tomato when it comes to fics these days... XD~~ Considering how much time I have to read outside schoolwork these days, yeah......

BTW, koda's group gg is subbing Code Geass. w00t .mkv for being able to take the subs off and watch it raw whenever you want *q*; Not that there's something wrong with their subtitles. Just a little spam to compensate for all the times she unsuccessfully tries to make me break up with Serg to go to her. Sorry girl XD

Haha, imagine if I was going to Yaoicon how much I would be missing right now. Going to be BUSYBUSY tomorrow +__+~
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