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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 26

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Fall study break at long last~~~~ Though it's not much of a break because I just have more homework to substitute the four-day vacation from classes. orz

I wonder where I could find bracers like those for sale for a decent price *q*

Memory recovery episode~ Went zapzap quickly~ COMPACTO~

"Master is... _____" If all fill-in-the-blank questions in the world were like this, I'd have no problems participating in classes.
The Digimon suddenly giving themselves confidence boosts about the bonds with their partners is sooo the corny Digimon-ness I've grown to love. Ah, so simple. XD

Gaomon sitting like this is cute... Mm, I want to know how Satsuma and Kudamon developed to their current relationship |3~ Details please.

She's not drinking bubble tea (straw's not wide enough), but it makes me think of it... XDDDD I haven't had any this semester so far. But I have a couple coupons to get a free mochi ice cream when I get some bubble tea. Plus a free drink from my stamp card last year. Need to make use of them~ Oh wait, shouldn't this be about Yoshino o_o~

It's a Chika! T...The eyes. Hmmhmm, wonder if Sayuri and Chika remembered after Agumon's invasion? Along with their memories of Ikuto? Assuming they did...

REUNITED IN BOTH BODY AND MIND~ So great, this scene~ And the trio reunites~ Everyone's so happy~

...Except a certain Kurata with hidden motives lah~ ;D

The rest is kind of random stuff... D:

Did this one a couple weeks back actually. It had been raining a lot, and always during my walks towards classes. And especially on my longest day, Wednesday. My walking shoes are really not suited for the rain like my previous pair was, and they get wet so easily @_@~ Other than that, I rather like the rain. It brings many different kinds of moods. XD

A couple tomato... things...! Almost want to call them duds though, eep! How did it happen...
that can't be men's clothes oops =.=;
♥LOVE TO onkei_kun AND HER FOOD OF SALVATION~♥ !! !!! !! My little self is such a wad of happiness because of people like her. It cannot contain itself!!! *ROCKET LAUNCH*

More Photoshop exercise. That was a fun BG to make~

I was going to color the Tohma one too, but he looks so much more randomly wholesome compared to the above that I couldn't bring myself to do it quite yet... such a different mood... XD.... hmmmm.....

Erb, perhaps Tohma should be the one Masaru has his tongue... moving towards...

Ohohoho! It'd be nice if we got to see the trio pull some Kurosagi-esque justice, though a lot of other things are happening in 27, so a lot of it will probably be left for the imagination again. Fanfic fodder.
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