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[talk] Savers. Fall 2006 anime...?

I ever mention how much fun I'm having with this series...? T________________T!!!!!!!!! Waa, those two 14-year olds kids... how. lolol. Yoshino, you have such a fun job. XD

Preview for Digimon Savers ep 27:

Gotta remember to cut that tie next time. トンマ様すみません!

Holy crap, the new season's huge. D:
●幕末機関説いろはなにへと(Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto) - I'll keep going with it for a while longer ( '')b
●BLACK BLOOD BROTHERS - Mentioned this earlier already.
●武装錬金 (Busou Renkin) - Wee JunJun. I like it, though I imagine my attention will flail here and there with this.~
●金色のコルダ ~Primo Passo~ (La Corda D'Oro ~Primo Passo~) - Yay people playing music with proper hand positions for once. As a person who did a lot of activities involving my violin/piano training up through high school, this gets a little nostalgic at times. Though in the end, kind of half paying attention to it.
●Code Geass - Yeah the money that went into this shows. Intense~~~~ High expectations +__+!
●D.Gray-man - As I went through the manga already, I might fall behind on purpose because I'll definitely enjoy it more in batches. Goodness ^^;;;~
●Death Note - Same as D.Gray. Though the seiyuu cast intrigues me more, so less likely to fall behind. Uwa~ XD
●Ghost Hunt - watching later
●Kanon (Kyoto Ani remake) - Nothing surprising to say about this after all. That's not a completely bad thing... just... nothing surprising. XD wb AIR.
●Marginal Prince - laugh. *just sweatdrops and plays Pokemon while she watches this*
●Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - Oops almost forgot this o.o;~ Hmm. I play Diamond while watching it. XD
●Pumpkin Scissors - watching later
●少年陰陽師 (Shounen Onmyouji) - So V-mon waa~ It's fun watching him animated like that *q* I like it, though I imagine my attention will flail here and there with this.~
●Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~ - Kinda cute Miyano, but it's kind of boring...? xD Guess I just sampled it.
●ヤマトナデシコ七変化♥ (Yamato Nadesico Shichihenge) - THIS IS FOR NOJI-NII. EROI NOJI-NII. I'm sorry, but I can't really stand to watch it... XD It feels too much like it's trying to be Ouran though that can't possibly be it. It must be trying to be its own thing. It must be. And could be said to be like Nobuta, but it lacks the occasional cheesy seriousness that I'm a complete sucker for. And it's just bad of me, but I can't tolerate the art style at all. I mean they do all those scenes of the guys with sparkling backgrounds and the view almost makes me want to vomit, I'm sorrrrry. It's really just not my style ^^;; I started feeling Princess Princess D vibes by the end. But... KONEKO-CHAN TOHMA....... So yeah, I play Pokemon during this too and occasionally look up to make sure I'm not totally lost. XDDD It's really easy to do for this kind of series. =.=;

So as soon as I get home and settle down in front of my computer, Lina finds me and goes all out on affection-lust. I have my Japanese homework on my lap and she crawls right on it and settles there. Lina wrapped herself around the top of my head when I went to sleep last night. And then she'd stare at me until her eyes dozed off. I just wanted to stare right back at her, so I ended up falling asleep with the lamp on, oops. I woke up once for a bathroom trip at like... 8am, went back to sleep, woke up at 1pm (parents going grahgrah at how much I sleep, though I was making up for the previous night ^^; ), Lina just waited for me and then she'd start nuzzling her head and paws against my hair when I came back lawl. Waaa I have to leave her again tomorrow ToT!!!
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