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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 25

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

This one doesn't need a cut, gao...
To avoid flaunting the sadness in this episode (really, I'm just out of time sorry... o_o!~), cutting right down to the other stuff.

2nd ending.
Love them all. Even the tie/vest, as big of a eye-perker it gave me at first. Ahiiiii, yep, Tohma. XD

Mm. A fellow on IRC really wanted me to make a wallpaper of the guys in these outfits. I thought about it and didn't mind the idea. But um... dang, it didn't leave me much time to do much else. :O I'd already doodled Yoshino's side by then... and Masaru and Tohma were doing something... "happier~" But here's the general one. :) With multiple resolutions. x_x;

1024x768 | 1280x800 |1280x960 | 1280x1024 | 1680x1050

*blinks* Ahaha, that took me too long since it was just some image that popped into my head and doing it from scratch... Curses to grass! =.=;~
And what happened with it... I don't think they're in Japan anymore! *eerie music* ...

I'm visiting home for the weekend, so I have to wait a while to get back to my scanner. The tomato...! Next time~ xD

Off-note, got my Savers calendar weee. Various places like YesAsia and CDJapan are still selling it.

This is HEARTWARMING~~~~. It's the message board on my dorm door again. After some person violated the Gaomon I had on there, petshopmistress drew this wonderful HAPPINESS in its place... Way to win, Leanne! thank you, thank you! TvT

Tomorrow (err, this evening rather), we're planning to totter around Chinese Moon Festival in the matching pseudo-Japanese outfits we got when I was abducted to the mall. It's been a long time since I've gone to any of the events from the Chinese association in my hometown. I actually don't like moon cake for some reason. Or most red bean products and the like. One of my various failures as an Asian. But I'll eat when I'm hungry.~
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