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[talk] Incoming stuff. Savers again, of course. xD

From Digimon Savers TV Picture Book 1. Scans here.
Yay more Masaru and riding pink things? Pink bike in ep 2... Lilamon... Anyway, I got this book and the RiseGreymon/MachGaogamon (see below) on Saturday right before going to the screening for Animania. Also that night coming back from the screening, I saw that someone had given the Gaomon on my dorm door some... anatomy. O_o; Heh, being in an all-girl's dorm doesn't change things.

Which reminds me of another dry-erase drawing of a harpy eagle I did on another whiteboard at home... it's been there, on my family's big freezer, fully intact since I drew it in 6th grade, 10 years ago. And friends throughout my life have left random words around it. Grace drew an unhappy barn owl, Katie left a message, Paul has a "^_^" on there... The symbolism increases?!

Before the screening, petshopmistress and ladymercurious5 abducted me to go mall-shopping with them. Leanne was looking for some stuff to go for the upcoming gothic-loli outfit she's wearing to Yaoicon. She ended getting other stuff... And I ended up getting men's clothes and a really nice pseudo-Japanese top. No more clothes shopping for me for a long time please... x_x~

Random-- onkei_kun gooooooo!! ♥♥

Realize Model RiseGreymon and MachGaogamon.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4
They're... battling...! Unless it is for this poll:

Random Poll - RiseGreymon / MachGaogamon SEME/UKE?!?!?!/ライズグレイモン★マッハガオガモン攻受?!?!?!

RiseGreymon SEME/ライズグレイモン攻め
MachGaogamon SEME/マッハガオガモン攻め
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