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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 24

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

It's the door to my dorm room. xD
Gaomon didn't have any lines in this ep. ToT

Ikuto and Falcomon were so cute playing with all those other Digimon. Yukidarumon T___T
SUGURU....~~~ Sunbeam-san... XD Man, I loved it when he started talking about naughty Masaru and kids in general. Although I wanted to say "That's just how YOUR kid is because he's the son of YOU" ahaha. My adrenaline was really going throughout the whole ep, but especially right there. And Masaru's reactions~~~
The dust flying behind lolipop-sucking Kurata as Mercurimon busted in on his parade... *fans self with hand*

A 3-pager. Distortion. Heavy distortion. Imagination gone wazoo. Fear the words~~ xDDDDD

1 | 2 | 3

...:O I'm so sorry it's so sloppy and senseless... XD I imagine a lot more, but I can't really put it in picture now... ^^;;;

Savers DVD Vol.01 and calendar are coming out this week...! Can't wait! I'll use my digicam, etc a bit.~

Once I get the time, I want to do lots of tomato goodness.~
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