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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 23

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Ah, it's quite back again, University. So many readings... so busy, so busy!

Friendly reminder to read the first Thought post before continuing if you have not read it yet!

Che, I had some other stuff at first, like the colored Tohma/Kurata, but they just didn't turn out very nicely........ so wonky~ I'll try messing with them again next time if people still want me to...? Ahh, what a slump ToT

Ikuto sleeps on his boomerang and cape... I suppose that's how he's always been doing it? :D Agu-chan, Fal-chan~ Fal-chan uke~

Awww, AGU pillow.
This series has a lot of imagery that can taken in many opposing ways. I want to say it's because of my age, but no, it's not just that... no wait?!?!

Click. Yeah, I took out the backboard. Sleeping together in broad daylight-- the thought KYAAAA XD

One thing weird... I like working with big resolutions. The bigger, the better. When I'm photoshopping something, if it says over 3000x3000 pixels or something like that, I'm generally happy. D: But the bigger it gets, the longer it tends to take if I want to put the details in. I always end up regretting not working in a bigger resolution after a lot of oekaki. Even with this one. guuu~
But the LAYERS BROKE during the early stages of coloring this, and it became impossible to use the undo button without messing up the picture up in scary ways. So I had to go without the undo, which I use a lot... T_T
I was going to try to make a wallpaper with it, but I realized I didn't want to change my current one I have with this one if I'm going to lug it around to certain classes.
And I couldn't think of any design...


More Noji-nii please! yokatta ne, kore~ x3

The spoilers for the future episodes... oh.......... Hope it turns out to be good fic fodder? :DDDDDDDD

Sooo random, and sooo slow of me... pairing Sano and Inumaru in Ueki... is like pairing Kira and Athrun =w=~~~
I soooooooo accidentally sent my ASIAN480 professor Matthew x Guy fics instead of my paper in my first email T____T; I really hope he saw my second email before opening.

I go de-stress with quality checking stuff and reading tomato fics and Japanese study now kthxbai~ XD
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