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[talk] Digital Dive~

There was a screening for the Densha Otoko movie last night, and I went with ladymercurious5. The man introducing the film talked about things the two of us had already known for many years already... particularly about fansubs and conventions... hehehe +____+

Another confession thing.
*SWT* Kind of strange that I'm enjoying posting in Digimon guilds at GaiaOnline. The whole place is a gigantic spam bucket, but most of the guilds are calm (aside from the vast amounts of RPG guilds/subforums). And it's something to beat the bush when I realllly get the urge to fangirl Digimon. xD; I had signed up for Gaia long ago, but back then, they had horrible servers and it'd take forever to load pages.

As for other Digimon forums, there are jkaizer's forums for DATS and WtW-X (the new management is dirt-ass slow, but they have other lives, so that's how it is... XD). Mm, a lot of developments are still awaiting, I guess.

And the headgears/accessories for the personal avatars remind me enough of RO that it keeps that urge in check too >.>~ Instead of a Huntress' birdie, I have Gwee the Dragon?! Haha they even have an RO subforum anyway.

Speaking of which, I tested out petshopmistress's Gunslinger the other day just to try it out.

I really need to make some kind of site gadget like seraphimon's some... time.. because this Gateway thing is so useless :D... I'm so disorganized~

[onmyou taisenki]
Wowie... a very nice person named Kat gave me a domain and tons of hosting for the Onmyou Taisenki site, Kimi to Nara. Donated just like that... *hug* I need to move the rest of the fateback site to it eventually ^^; Grah, now if only there was news of something new Onmyou coming out... though the manga really seems like the final, final conclusion for it.

Finished editing chapters 14 and 15 of the manga finally, so those are up at pms_manga. The girls in this manga... *q*
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