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[talk] Uh... Anime. :D

ryuu_rogue for spanking-hot Digimon Adventure 01 sub. :D

Also Kyuuketsuki's ep 1 sub of Black Blood Brothers. Editing it for them as a favor for a friend. The staff has nice and serious fansubbers, so I don't mind. ^^; Must be the presence of the several BL fangirls in there~? Mm yes, that kind is quite a nice influence in larger numbers. :)
End song's in Korean~
Something cute happened and they put "Blood Blood Brothers" as the title near the beginning of the ep, so they recalled the first release. Not me since it still says Black Blood Brothers on the script I turned in. 8D But at least they fixed it~

I went to Animania's first staff meeting of the semester... well first time going to Animania anything, ahaha. Most of them are quite otaku and proud of it. As long as they don't mind me studying kanji while they're talking... XD They decided on the month's screenings, including Ouran and Gakuen Heaven 1-3, and they left me in charge to get the fansubs for GH. Actually, a pretty cool freshman GUY suggested it in the first place. And he's watched Princess Princess and the like too. He himself does not seem fruity at all though. Generally a very nice guy. Very much a kind of person I don't think I've ever met in real life before. It made me happy.

But it's all dark in the screening room, and I'll just want to study things like kanji during the screenings. I'll just do my own thing. ah... bring my laptop??!?!!?!?!?! Why didn't the idea come to me sooner. We'll see.

Black Blood Brothers - The seiyuu~ Poor Kamiyan, I would've loved his Jirou... T__T But Sakurai will do justice to the role no doubt ^^;;
Code Geass - CLAMP designs, Sunrise animation... and WOW the castlist. WOW FLOW and Ali Project music. Cries so much money. D: But I definitely wouldn't mind seeing more work from the staff involved anyway. Wow, that'll be interesting.
Marginal Prince - This one and above for the reverse harem... see if it works ._.;
D.Gray-man - ~('.'~)
Death Note - (~'.')~
武装錬金 (Busou Renkin) - S-Jump JunJun~
家庭教師ヒットマン REBORN! (Katekyou Hitman REBORN!) - S-Jump~ nanya_hime loves the manga~
Kanon (Kyoto Ani remake) - Kyoto ani~ Kyon. D:
Pocket Monsters-Diamond and Pearl
Yamato Nadesico Shichi Henge - Need more Noji-nii~~~
幕末機関説いろはなにへと(Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto)
少年陰陽師 (Shounen Onmyouji)
銀色のオリンシス (Golden Olynssis) - Forgot this one earlier. Hello again, Hisashi Hirai. D:
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