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[talk] IRC. Internet Relay Chat

I should've made this entry long ago, but it just kept slipping my mind. :D

I've been using IRC since the ending days of Digimon Frontier in March 2003.

I use IRC for my main source of communication with people online besides LJ and email. My MSN is generally for fansubbing business + emergencies only, and I only go on AIM for specific purposes. I don't like Skype (it doesn't work well on my connections), but I use it when I have to... D: LJ and email are one thing, but IRC is real-time + all those other differences that come with it.

For those who want to get on IRC, but don't want to/cannot download an application for it, you can also use an internet browser + Java. D:

The one seraphimon_0000 just used was http://www.jpilot.com/products/jirc/demo1.html
To join chans with passwords like the nakama chan for people of love~ just put in "#chan password" without the quotation marks.

I'll take recommendations for more user-friendly, reliable sites or just whatever that would get people to join in. :)

If just going on Blitzed server: http://cgiirc.blitzed.org/
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