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[talk] Noji-nii EROI Savers image songs please T___T


ladymercurious5 and I bummed around the campus for a while to check out the new buildings that popped up over the summer and find our classes... and we went to Wizzywig and Borders on the way. Wizzywig had these Savers toys+candy... I didn't expect they'd have something so "recent." I thought they've been downright lazy these days with getting new stuff considering the only things that the only anime that have their own sections are BLEACH and NARUTO, and then everything else is really scattered. There's not much demand on campus, after all. Well, they're still far away from catching up to the other places I look through, but it's better than nothing for certain.~ XD White Pawnchessmon came with a hunk of clear-ish plastic that I don't know what to do with except put on his head like a hat. What is it for...

Buuu I already miss Lina and her random cuddling on my lap and other time-consuming harrassments~
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