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[talk] The lust for chocolate

Lust for chocolate T__T
Several nights ago, I had a dream that I remembered for once!! Actually, it was not a dream, because lately, any of the "dreams" I remember haven't made me happy like they used to. But that's okay, because I don't put any effort into remembering these events off the top of my head. Logging them keeps me entertained, though. It was a nightmare more like, yet not really... it was not very pleasant. Lately, my dreams have all been on the somber side. In the past, I'd only remember the extremely happy or extremely terrifying ones. I also remember I had two of them that night >___>

So our family would keep going to this gift-shop type store for some reason (it was as small as a gift-shop you go to after touring a museum or something). They had a chocolate section where they sold Belgian chocolates for $9 a box (expensive compared to the usual $7 I would expect for that amount), but they had a "get 3 boxes for $3 if you buy 9!" ...pretty confusing numbers and really random, but that's how it was. But they also had a rich milk chocolate section which I was dying to get stuff from, but they also offered only huge quantities in order to get a price that wasn't overmarked.

Anyway, Cindy was also there, and she'd always get a ton of chocolate. And I'd feel guilty about getting some too for some reason. I dunno why we didn't think about combining our chocolate-grabbing to get better deals. Dreams are wacko. I think that was pretty much the most of it. What does this mean?!??!!

We went grocery shopping the other day, and it took me a while to convince mom to let me get a 13oz plastic jar of Nutella. I've actually admired this stuff for years, but this is the first jar that's been in my home. I can hear tiny angels of something singing.

Completely different subject, but they're singing for the thought of soap markers too *nosebleeds*

Hmm, will finish packing since I move in on Friday. ^^;;;

Upcoming October shows... kaaaahahaha, I've said it again and again. INTERESTING. Most of the cast lists are out now. I wonder if I'll ever become more active in the anime scene at umich besides owning the facebook Anime group there, roflcopters. Oh that's sad.
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