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[talk] Digimon Savers Thought Ep 19

Digimon Savers raw downloads (MegaUpload)

Okay this shot has nothing to do with the ep, sorry... Buuut Zelsius wanted to see this oekaki without the Digimon since I dunno why I put them there in the first place... XD Actually, I couldn't finish this by the end of the night, but when I came to it the next morning, the layers broke and I couldn't change some of the stuff I wanted to change without going through troublesome stuff. Oh well. D: With the Digimon...

Okay, so moving on. D:

Because C-Dub wants his shota =3=;

Does Kudamon never get the urge to swish his tail around?~ I know that when I wear headphones/earbuds, I can't stand the feeling of the cord hanging near my neck and front areas. It's really weird... I've been through a good dozen or so headphones so far... x_x; I've found that Sony's last the longest and are worth their expensive prices. XD Luckily, my current one (a Sony~) has the cord on only side, so I don't have to deal with that uncomfortable bit.

Yoshino, you're so mellow =3= ~ Playing casual observer... I do think it's quite amusing that she says that Masaru definitely isn't popular with the girls. Ack I can imagine one of the small, really shy, stuttering type of girls admiring Masaru discreetly in the hallways at school. Then some rare occasion would inspire her the courage to let him know her feelings by leaving a certain kind of letter in his box... ahahahahaa how innocent. Kyaaa a typical shoujo scenario. orz キモイ

Changing out of DATS uniform... Actually, I did this before the ep aired. After seeing Yoshino's, I'd assume Masaru and Tohma's undershirts have sleeves too. Ee.

Around 14 minutes into the episode... Why is Tohma holding a wrench. I mean, normally sure he could be using it to repair things. But the disconnection with the scene you see of him before it... and then Gaomon's serious face peeking along next to him. This is pure grade stuff. Toei, you win this one. My head... oh my head...

This is sloppy and on peanut butter =_=; Well, not literally on peanut butter, though I do have a couple jars in my room. One is extra crunchy (Skippy) and the other is creamy (Jif). I find the skippy one tastes better, but I don't like having so many peanuts in it, so I have it with some of the creamy.
Err switch... Buu... If one had to give Masaru and Tohma wings, what kind of wings would they be? Angel feathers? Devil wings? Crocodile wings? Wait, crocodiles don't have wings...

Ahh, it looks like something non-human.

Not once, but twice he punches to get Agumon to RiseGreymon~ Probably just because he wanted to.~ 'Tis fine, GeoGreymon is hot too.


It was good seeing Masaru topless.

Blogging is great... =3= And this emo is kind of interesting. The next episode has another hot mom and suggestive imagery, but I won't be touching on that particular end sorry~ XD

Bah, people with looks like this guy should've been in Princess Princess D instead of the current cast. Break my brain for REAL if you're going to do it, please. XD
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