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Animedia September 2006 scans

Masaru, you girlMAN. ♥

Just some propaganda before I start selling stuff from these magazines and all that other stuff >x< ~ Ack, I keep making mistakes as I'm using the computer today. Really silly, stupid mistakes.

Happy! For once, I didn't have to wait until the end of the month for the current issue~ I wish there was a Kino store nearby... alas. And this is such a good issue... well as usual since it's Animedia. :D

Except for some of the info pages, 300dpi goodness~ Most of these are going up on Minitokyo too, but LJ wins it. Especially in speed. Wow. They're fast to mod the crap out of you, but they sure enjoy taking half an hour to load a scan. O_o;

Comment if you take. nyarly

BLEACH - Hm... wonder if I'll manage to watch the fillers I've been hording.
Busou Renkin - Waii JunJun gets his S-Jump lead role at last~
Code Geass - CLAMP designs and Sunrise animation. Adolescents and mechas.
Death Note - Don't kill it please, Madhouse!
Death Note info - Some lineart and blah, no cast info
Ouran Koukou Host Club - :o
Upcoming October 2006 shows - Hirai Hisashi again...
Umu, they had D.Gray-man too, but it was just the same image they put on the official site. No cast info listed there. Am I supposed to be suspicious of Sakurai Kanda still? I kind of lost track.

Digimon Savers - Yeah I kind of exploded when I saw this in Animedia. x3 Even though it's the same as the promotional poster for the DVD except with their blasphemy boxes of info covering it.
Digimon Savers info - Mmm. There are some words from the series composer, Yamaguchi Ryota, and he talks about Masaru... ... and spoilersspoilersspoilers for ep 20/21

Mm tossed the Savers fanart in this one into digi_tomato instead tho ^^;
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